Introducing SOLera Dispensers

When it comes to hospitality trends, two things that never go out of style are simplicity and function. By offering these in a contemporary, 21st century design, while cutting down on waste, hoteliers can both satisfy and impress any guest that comes through their doors. Dispenser Amenities’ SOLera Dispenser is the perfect choice for any establishment looking to take their rooms and waste management strategies to the next level!

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Customer Feature: Marylanza Suites & Spa

The Marylanza Suites & Spa, on the beautiful island of Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands, doesn’t have to work too hard to achieve a tropical atmosphere. Close to beaches, shopping centres, and high-end restaurants, the Marylanza is in the perfect location for an amazing vacation. This is why they’ve worked extra hard to create a sustainable resort that helps preserve the beautiful lifestyle for future generations of islanders and tourists.

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Hadleigh Osborne

Dispenser Amenities is delighted to introduce our new Sales Manager, EMEA, Mr. Hadleigh Osborne. He will be looking after all Sales and Customer Relationship functions in the vibrant territory encompassing Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Hadleigh brings with him a broad spectrum of education and work experience in the Hotel and Hospitality industry and he will add a tremendous breadth of knowledge to our global team.

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Bird of the Quarter: The Hoatzin

If you paddle down the Amazon River through the rainforests of South America, an intense… stench might waft by your canoe. Don’t jump to conclusions, because it might not be industrial pollution, dumped waste, or decomposing living material. It’s probably the smell of the hoatzin welcoming you to the jungle.

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The Turtle Lab

Dispenser Amenities has been supporting Scott Gillingwater and the Species at Risk’s mission to save the Spiny Softshell Turtle from certain extinction since 2015. The turtle population in the area had been declining for decades when Scott arrived on the scene in 1994. Immediately, he knew that his future lay in bringing this vulnerable reptile back from the brink. The Spiny Softshell Turtle is endangered throughout its Canadian range of Ontario and Quebec, as well as in various parts of its US range yet the local work performed in London, Ontario and the surrounding region is one of very few support efforts.

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