Bird of the Quarter: Partridge

Partridges: Christmas Bird

How often did you sing the line “…and a partridge in a pear tree!” this Christmas? It’s a pretty ubiquitous seasonal phrase, though we often sing it without thinking about what the partridge is doing in the pear tree. Grey partridges, little orange-and-grey birds referenced in the song, love to live in groups known as coveys and are really awful at flying, so you aren’t likely to find them perched in a tree. Continue reading…

Stemming The Plastic Tide In Guatemala

Stemming The Plastic Tide In Guatemala

Many countries that are developing economically are simultaneously developing astonishing plastic waste problems. Guatemala is one such country, and its plastic problem is getting so bad that neighbouring Honduras has blamed them for causing an “environmental disaster” in the Caribbean Sea. Lacking an efficient waste disposal system, Guatemala has had to implement more creative methods to stop plastic pollution from encroaching on the environment.

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Tackling Honey Bee Hive Collapse With Dan Heffernan

Did you know that bees are trying to adapt to humanity’s expanding single plastics lifestyle? Researchers at York University have found that several species of bee are using plastic waste that gets into their environments to help make their nests. It’s not that every species can do this, though. The tests showed that two species, the bellflower resin bee and the alfalfa leaf cutting bees, are adapting to our impacts on the environment with some success.

For species like the honey bee, who aren’t doing so well in the face of environmental pressures, people like Dan Heffernan are trying to lend a helping hand.

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Two New Team Members Join Dispenser Amenities

Daniel Lee…All in the family!

We are delighted to welcome Daniel Lee to our Asian Pacific Sales Team. He is joining his sister, Miranda, our Asia Pacific Sales Manager, where he will work on developing new customer relationships with a focus on the fast-developing China market. The Asia Pacific market is growing by leaps and bounds as most of the international chains and brands are driving huge numbers of new property openings in this market.

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