No matter the color of your Dispensers, they're GREEN™!

No matter the color of your Dispensers, they’re GREEN™!

Instead of fumbling with little bottles, your guests will enjoy quality liquids at the convenient press of a button!

Eliminate plastic bottle waste! Purchase superior quality liquids in the bulk size to suit your hotel!

Create your perfect Custom Look! Tell us what you’d like and we’ll take it from there!

Hotels worldwide are making the change to locking shower dispensers for their guest amenities programs. This eco-friendly alternative approach to using disposable plastic bottles for guest amenities, allows both the environment and the hotelier to win. Wall mounted soap dispensers allow not only hotels, but spas, yoga centers, cruise lines, and restaurants to purchase their body wash, shampoo and other amenity liquids in bulk. This completely eliminates the wasted liquid and packaging which is both financially and environmentally costly.

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