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The Widening Gyres: The Dark Days of Worldwide Ocean Pollution

There’s a swirling gyre of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, and it’s getting bigger every year. Despite being called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or the Pacific Trash Vortex, it’s not an oceanic landfill as you might expect – the patch is made up mostly of very small pieces of disposable plastic trapped by ocean gyres, and the plastic can be so small that even if you drove a boat through the very heart of this patch, you might never realize it was there.

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Major Hospitality Brands Trending in a Move Away from Disposables

Dispenser Amenities is the proud Dispenser brand standard in Marriott’s Four Points, Aloft and Element hotel brands worldwide, along with the Sheraton Hotels in Japan.

Larry Mogelonsky, P. Eng.  of LMA Communications Inc. has penned a thoughtful and informative article in Hotel Interactive (May 16) about his recent visit to Japan and his stay at the Sheraton Grand Hiroshima. After experiencing our beautiful high quality Dispensers in the Sheraton Grand, he is a firm convert to Dispensers. Continue reading…

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The Art of Saving Whales

It can be hard to fathom the problem of plastic in the world’s oceans. They are such vast places, and the disposable plastic we toss away is so small, it’s difficult to visualize the more than 8 million tons that end up in aquatic ecosystems every year. Art commissioned by the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida was designed to help us see just what is ending up in the oceans, and to get us thinking about the ways we can reduce disposable plastic consumption.

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Harrah’s Resort SoCal Sends Out A CodeGreen

Harrah’s Resort SoCal is not only one of San Diego’s premier hotels, it’s also one of the most environmentally-conscious resort destinations in the state of California. The commitment to helping the environment hasn’t stopped visitors from having fun – it’s only added to the unique experience.

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The Blue-Footed Booby

The Mating Dance of the Blue Footed Booby

The Galapagos Islands is a beautiful ecosystem full of amazing animals that can’t be observed almost anywhere else. One such animal is the graceless, adorable blue-footed booby – a marine bird that uses the islands as a nesting spot. Their mating antics and comfort around humans make them a favourite among tourists, but the fragility of their environment means even the people who don’t get to see them up close have to make the right choices to protect them.

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