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The Springmaid Beach Resort and Conference Center Wins Our Custom Label Contest from December, 2013

The Springmaid Beach Resort and Conference Center is now the official owner of the most beautiful shower Dispensers in the world!  After winning the contest and receiving the congratulatory gift basket, we had a wonderful call from Barbara Wilson, Executive Housekeeper.  She thanked us for the basket mentioning that it was a really nice surprise.  When we asked her how the custom AVIVA Dispensers were working out for her, she said: “They are the best thing that we could have ever come up with!  The guests love them so much that on many occasions they want to buy them from the hotel to use in their homes!”

With nearly 500 newly renovated ocean view rooms with private balconies, 1/4 mile of spacious white sandy Atlantic Ocean beachfront, the popular Springmaid Pier, and a luxurious fitness center, the Springmaid Beach Resort and Conference Center has all the features of a perfect resort.

This resort has come a very long way from its grand opening in 1948 where it featured concrete beds and shared facilities.  Guest’s brought their own amenities and were charged a fee of $2 per night for a room or $1 a night for a bed!  The pier has a very colorful history having been destroyed and rebuilt several times one of which even involved being struck by an aircraft!  It currently stands 1068’ long; the longest in the Myrtle Beach area. 

The Springmaid Beach Resort and Conference Center today features a completely reinvented property with 70 unique eco-initiatives and environmentally friendly measures in place including energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, environmentally safe cleaning, reduction of waste, ongoing maintenance, purchasing habits, plus many other factors. They have worked tirelessly to provide the perfect balance between a luxury travel destination and an ecologically responsible company.

In 2007, Springmaid Beach partnered with Dispenser Amenities to install custom AVIVA III White Translucent Dispensers throughout the property.  This alternative to using disposable bottles for their shower liquids in their combined total of over 450 rooms is preventing approximately 350,000 disposable plastic bottles from reaching landfills every year!

Many tourists from different part of the worlds have praised the view and features of the resort including the shower Dispenser. Here’s a review of the Springmaid Beach Resort on Tripadvisor:

The rooms were neat & clean. They appeared to be freshly painted. Nice linens. My husband got a kick out of the “dispenser” in the shower that held shampoo, conditioner & shower gel. No more struggle with tiny bottles & soap bars. NICE!

We would like to thank the Springmaid Beach and Conference Center for choosing us so many years ago and working with us to create this beautiful product.  They are a loyal customer to this day.

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