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Introducing Dispenser Amenities’ Global Customer Profiles

In every part of the world, from the middle of the Panamanian jungle, to the center of New York City, to our hometown of London, Ontario, you can find like-minded hospitality providers who are dedicated to a brighter future for us all.  Through our sustainable amenities systems, along with countless other strategies, these Leaders in the War on Waste are diligently working to ensure the elimination of plastic pollution from their properties as well as the reduction of their carbon footprint. 

From this point forward, every month we will be creating a 10-page booklet detailing some of our customers with details such as: What they think of our product; what their guests think of our product; what we estimate they are able to prevent in waste, and several other cool details unique to each property.  Here is our first edition: Dispenser Amenities Global Customer Profiles.

In a newly released Timetric report, global trends for the hotel industry showed environmental initiatives to be the most noticeable emerging trend in 2013.  Technology followed, with social media trailing, while health and wellness gained a fair amount of attention too.  The use of eco-friendly cleaning products, an emphasis on locally-sourced food, and the reduction of energy consumption were considered key sustainability measures by respondents.

This new-found focus on environmental initiatives is very exciting news for us here at Dispenser Amenities.  We have been partnering with responsible providers in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and along with our partners have realized that going green is not only good for the environment but also good for business!  With so many consumers now deeply concerned about the environment we have been flooded with new business.  By using environmentally friendly products, the long-term value of hospitality establishments increases.  Many of our customers can immediately notice the profits of reduced waste and the marketing value of the green initiatives being recognized by a steadily increasing customer awareness/concern for the environment in their revenues.

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