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What Does the Average Traveler Think of Dispensers?

Are Dispensers widely accepted by travelers who expect luxury? 

When International Sales Manager, Andrew Davis attended the Lodging Green Hotel Show earlier this year that was exactly the question on the minds of many attendees.  Of course Andrew could recall dozens of experiences were hoteliers have raved about how well-received the Dispensers have been from the guests as well experiencing many verbal reviews from pleased guests himself as we have many happy customers close to home.  However, none of this wonderful information was documented and signed by the guest themselves.

While we have collected a fair amount of industry testimonials we had not found a way until now to easily collect certified guest testimonials.  With the emergence of social media and travel reviews we now have a great way to show the world that – yes – hotel guests are not only accepting our Dispensers, but embracing them!  They are really understanding the environmental benefits and convenience of using them. 

Here are a few examples:

  • “the shampoo dispenser cured all my nightmares about tiny shampoo bottles going to waste.”
     – Zabe on
  • “The shower had dispensers on the wall for soap, shampoo, etc. I like how this cut back on waste with the tiny bottles.”
    – teawar on
  • “The shower has shampoo, soap and conditioner dispensers on the wall — no little bottles and soap cakes cluttering the bathroom.”
    – juliezuck on
  • “The shower has soap/conditioner dispensers attached to the wall. Very hip.”
    – ALFAMERICA090909 on
  • “The shower had dispensers for soap and shampoo instead of the typical small bottles. As someone with environmental concern, I really appreciated this.”
    – Dan L on Tripadvisor
  • “I happen to like the shower set up with the liquid soup & shampoo dispensers permanently affixed to the shower wall.  Why don’t more hotels do it that way?”
    Kgems 1 on

All of these testimonials are completely unsolicited and were collected by searching travel forums and reading the reviews from our customers.  The comments we reviewed that mentioned our products in any way were over 85 percent positive! 

In addition to this list we were also privy to the results from a 2009 independent survey of hotel guests about their experience with our AVIVA product. 

Overall opinion? 91% Positive or Very Positive
Easy to use? 99% Favorable for Females; 95% for Males
A worthwhile Environmental contribution? Yes for Females 97%; Yes for Males 91%
Should they be used permanently? Yes for Females 97%; Yes for Males 87%


Here are some of the guest comments submitted with the survey:

  • “All hotels should do what you are doing. Keep up great work”
  • “Before I saw the survey, I saw the dispensers and thought, what a great thing!”
  • “Environmentally positive, but also much easier than dealing with getting liquids from bottles – Brilliant!”
  • “Finally! All hotels need to follow this”
  • “Great Idea! Should have done it long time ago “
  • “Great to see steps to reduce waste. I think the majority of personal care products should be in the dispenser – fits décor nicely”
  • “Love it. Allows each individual to use as much or as little that fits. No waste. No messy bottles to squeeze. Great Idea – Please keep.”

We produce quality, customizable Dispensers that perform flawlessly!  They are used all over the world including some of the finest venues on the planet.  Do guests accept this?  The answer is overwhelmingly yes!

Please find a much larger list of our online testimonials at  This list is quite large but nowhere near complete.  There are thousands of reviews and more are pouring in everyday!

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