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How Your Hotel Can Help Protect Migrating Birds

Spring has sprung!  As exciting as that is, it does pose some danger to migrating birds who may fly into windows. Each year, over 350 Million birds are killed when colliding with windows and highrise buildings.

As hard as we’ve tried to educate the birds about the dangers of window collisions, the poor things just don’t seem to grasp the concept! This means that we are going to have to take upon ourselves the responsibility to protect them.

Fortunately, the good people over at FLAP Canada have identified solutions which allow the birds to easily identify windows as solid objects and prevent fatal collisions.

Decrease the chance of birds flying into windows by:

  1. Applying a contrasting, patterned film or stickers on windows.
  2. Purchase proven and effective commercial bird-deterrent window products
  3. Place birdfeeders and birdbaths less than a half meter from your windows
  4. Move indoor houseplants away from your windows
  5. Leave exterior screens in front of windows

Once you are done these steps, you can go even further by contacting FLAP directly. FLAP representatives are willing to visit your property and help ascertain the dangers your property may pose to migrating birds. All properties are different and those which are located along major migration routes are the most important to safeguard in time for Spring migration. Help us move the hospitality industry to the forefront of bird conservation!

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Image of ottawa city hall staff identifying different bird species fatalities from window collisions.
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