A Plastic Tide – A Video by SkyNEWS

In this video we are exposed to some of the many horrors plaguing the plastic graveyards that our oceans have become. These plastics find their way into every level of our fragile ecosystem, and eventually end up back on shore in one form or another. From the tiniest of plankton to the largest of whales, the devastating pollution of our oceans is a threat that faces all species alike.

Rio Summer Olympics by the Numbers

Once again, the Summer Olympics are upon us. In sharp contrast to the usual “bigger is better” mantra, this year’s edition is scaled back to have an emphasis on sustainability. In fact, the Games themselves have a projected carbon footprint of zero. How did Rio manage to put together such a spectacular event while keeping green practices at the forefront? While 3.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide will be generated throughout the Games, 2 million tonnes will be mitigated through technology employed by the IOC and the remaining 1.6 million tonnes will be mitigated by local state and municipal initiatives. 80% of the material used to construct temporary offices can be re-used due to its modular nature and, while 17 million tonnes of solid waste will be generated over 16 days of Olympic events, this is equivalent to only 2 days’ worth of public trash for Rio de Janeiro. Continue reading…

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