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Welcoming Jarad Fisher to the Dispenser Amenities Team

Our search for the perfect candidate to join our hospitality service team ended at a wonderful London, Ontario event: The Student 2 Business Networking Conference (S2B).  Dispenser Amenities’ staff Michael Faulds and Aja Lee attended as recruiters while, Western University soon-to-be graduate, Jarad Fisher attended the event in search of local employment opportunities.

After a fabulous evening which included a delicious snack buffet, and a presentation from keynote speaker Stuart Knight, representatives Aja and Michael entered the networking conference area which was quickly filling up.  While we found any number of people who would likely have been a great fit for the job, we were looking for someone very specific.

This is when we met Jarad Fisher.  At the time, Jarad was a 4th year history major at Huron College, which is an affiliate college of the University of Western Ontario.  He had a diverse employment history at various customer service positions.  His experience at Petsmart, in particular, really struck a note with us.  Dispenser Amenities is a pet-friendly office.  After learning of his experience driving a forklift and as a chef, we were convinced that Jarad would be the perfect fit.

Jarad’s love of history stemmed from his fascination with different cultures around the world and how they evolved to become the way they are today.  Entering the field of hospitality supply gives him the opportunity to meet individuals working in hotels around the world.  “Some of these establishments just fascinate me.  For example, while working with customers from Dispenser Amenities’ vast Starwood portfolio, I came across the Aloft David Whitney.  This hotel has transformed a historical building into a vibrant downtown Detroit hospitality location.  The whole situation is Detroit is just fascinating for me.  I’m really rooting for them to rebound from the bankruptcy and now, with a vested interest in the Aloft location, I really feel a part of it.”

The American Civil War was his favorite period of study at Huron College because it combined the political, social, and military aspects of history and how this materialized into a conflict which became the defining period of American history. “Two portions of one country that were so similar, yet over the course of decades slowly drifted towards animosity until the point of open conflict. The entire period is engrossing. I loved visiting the Gettysburg battlefield when I was younger and hope to visit more again in the future.”

Now in his role as Sustainability Advisor as a part of our Dispenser Amenities team, Jarad is undertaking a new study: sustainability within the hospitality industry.  Our thousands of hotel customers and the results of their switch to a waste-free amenities system provides Jarad with a vast archive detailing the eco-saving possibilities available for properties worldwide.

Welcome to the team, Jarad!

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