Representative sam farr-d-ca addresses the innovation showcase attendees on capital hill dispenser amenities

A Letter to Dispenser Amenities from Congressman Sam Farr

Thank you very much Sam Farr for taking the time to learn about Dispenser Amenities’ efforts toward plastic pollution reduction, as well as the efforts of the other participants at the 2015 Innovation Showcase on Capitol Hill.  We received a letter yesterday (see below) from Sam Farr thanking Dispenser Amenities for participating, and informing us that he saw the entire showcase as a big success!

We were thrilled to be invited to this event, hosted by Daniella Russo, and taking place at the Rayburn House Office Building.  For us, as a Canadian company, to be recognized by a member of the United States Government for our contributions to help reduce plastic waste across the globe, reinforces everything we are trying to accomplish.  Green hospitality initiatives in our belief, are the key to the future of the industry.

Thank you to all of the other companies who participated.  It was so eye-opening to witness all of those ideas and people coming together to try to change the course of the plastic pollution problem we face.

Congress-sam farr letter

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