poster with turtle emerging from egg welcome to the turtle lab on glass window dispenser amenities

The Turtle Lab: Where Small Beginnings Create Big Change

For the past number of years, Dispenser Amenities has been thrilled to support the research and preservation efforts of the Spiny Softshell Turtle lead by Scott Gillingwater. This year we are fortunate to have the opportunity to witness his efforts first-hand.

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balls bottles and other plastic objects washed up on a beach dispenser amenities

Plastic Beaches

The last thing one expects when arriving at a beach full of tourists is plastic waste everywhere, however, this is what greeted me when I saw the local beach in Sri Lanka for the first time. It amazed me that the local council was not even attempting to deal with the problem. The rivers flowing into the sea are full of plastic of all shapes and sizes and there seems to be no organised effort to combat this issue.

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Rio Summer Olympics by the Numbers

Once again, the Summer Olympics are upon us. In sharp contrast to the usual “bigger is better” mantra, this year’s edition is scaled back to have an emphasis on sustainability. In fact, the Games themselves have a projected carbon footprint of zero. How did Rio manage to put together such a spectacular event while keeping green practices at the forefront? While 3.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide will be generated throughout the Games, 2 million tonnes will be mitigated through technology employed by the IOC and the remaining 1.6 million tonnes will be mitigated by local state and municipal initiatives. 80% of the material used to construct temporary offices can be re-used due to its modular nature and, while 17 million tonnes of solid waste will be generated over 16 days of Olympic events, this is equivalent to only 2 days’ worth of public trash for Rio de Janeiro. Continue reading…

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