The Turtle Lab: Where Small Beginnings Create Big Change

poster with turtle emerging from egg welcome to the turtle lab on glass window dispenser amenities
Welcome to the Turtle Lab!

For the past number of years, Dispenser Amenities has been thrilled to support the research and preservation efforts of the Spiny Softshell Turtle lead by Scott Gillingwater. This year we are fortunate to have the opportunity to witness his efforts first-hand.

Egg nest discovered!
Scott digging for eggs
The eggs are secure and ready for transport

In addition to the ubiquitous pressures of climate change, predation, and habitat loss, Spiny Softshell Turtles are also at risk due to poaching. For this reason, all locations and specific details must be kept strictly confidential.

Despite going to one of the less-active nesting sites in the region, Scott managed to find a decent-sized nest of 15 eggs. These eggs are removed from their nest and transported to the Turtle Lab located in London. After 45-60 days, these eggs will hatch and be released into the wild. The Dispenser Amenities team will be on hand to witness this second, crucial step as well.

Jarad Fisher from the Dispenser Amenities team is helping transfer the eggs to their new home in the Turtle Lab
Home safe in the DAI-supplied incubator!

Stay tuned for future images and stories!

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