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Plastic Beaches

The last thing one expects when arriving at a beach full of tourists is plastic waste everywhere, however, this is what greeted me when I saw the local beach in Sri Lanka for the first time. It amazed me that the local council was not even attempting to deal with the problem. The rivers flowing into the sea are full of plastic of all shapes and sizes and there seems to be no organised effort to combat this issue.

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Cleaning the Oceans and the Earth

Bringing awareness to environmental issues has been a priority for Dispenser Amenities for many years. In recent years, celebrities have notably been using their fame as a platform to advocate for environmentalism. The 2016 Oscars recognized some of the best actors of our generation, including the often nominated but frequently overlooked Leonardo DiCaprio. In his Oscar acceptance speech for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, DiCaprio spoke about the importance of protecting our planet stating that “We need to support leaders around the world who do not speak for the big polluters, but who speak for all of humanity…” Two up and coming examples of environmental leaders that deserve recognition are the founders of Seabin and The Ocean Cleanup.

One of the most important elements of the Earth’s ecosystem is the ocean; with water covering roughly two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, keeping these regions clean is instrumental to our continued survival. This undertaking has two essential components: keeping the trash from reaching the ocean, and cleaning up what is already out there. Two new companies from different corners of the world are presently working to accomplish each of these tasks.


Seabin was founded by a pair of Australian surfers – Peter Ceglinski and Andrew Turton – who had become increasingly frustrated with garbage, oil, fuel, and other waste clogging up the waterways. They recognized that much of this garbage came from the marinas, and the most efficient cleanup system at the time was simply a person on a boat with a net. The pair figured there must be a better way.
Enter the “Seabin.” The system works by pumping water through a natural fiber bag that captures all sorts of debris including plastics, oils, and paper. It works along the same principles as a standard pool filter. This system is highly effective at attracting garbage and helping to keep it from contaminating the open ocean, but it is a supplemental solution. It is together with conventional methods of removing trash that the Seabin will help minimise the amount trash that pollutes our oceans.

The Ocean Cleanup

This startup, founded in The Netherlands by Dutch entrepreneur Boyan Slat, takes its ambitions farther out into the open ocean. Once in the oceans, plastic pollution collects in one of the world’s five gyres. Current methods for cleaning the ocean are inefficient and time-consuming, which inspired Slat to create The Ocean Cleanup. Boyan Slat’s solution is to harness the oceans’ natural currents and create a massive barrier that captures all of the plastic and refuse passing through. This garbage can then be gathered and disposed of. Boyan Slat has already received millions of dollars in support and won praise from the UN. Although still in the testing phase, studies have shown it to be full of promise.

SeaBin and The Ocean Cleanup are two companies that are facilitating a cleaner future for our planet through creativity and entrepreneurship. These are the types of companies that deserve our support and recognition. We need to look to leaders such as these to continue to create momentum towards global environmentalism and supporting environmental initiatives.

Norwegian Cruise Line conditioning shampoo and body wash dispensers on transparent background dispenser amenities

NCL goes BIG with the Norwegian Escape and Personalizes AVIVA Shower Dispensers for their Entire Fleet!

Norwegian Cruise Lines’ newest and most innovate ship, the Norwegian Escape, launched in the fall of 2015 and is currently the largest in the fleet, with 19 decks and a guest capacity of 4248. Norwegian Escape is the third largest cruise ship on the planet.

Dispenser Amenities has a long and proud relationship with Norwegian Cruise Line. We provide every stateroom of NCL’s entire fleet of 14 vessels with our locking AVIVA Dispensers 14 vessels, eliminating the product and packaging waste associated with individually packaged amenities.

When we introduced our customization options to Norwegian Cruise Lines, they were delighted and said it would become a must-have for all amenity Dispensers throughout their entire fleet. Today, beautifully custom-labelled AVIVA two-chambered Dispensers provide guests with easy- to- read push-button selection of shower liquids, while an AVIVA one-chambered Dispenser for hand soap complements the elegantly appointed vanity.

Norwegian Cruise Dispensers
Find brand new, customized Dispensers for both the shower and vanity on Norwegian cruise ships.

The Norwegian Escape is the first of the upcoming ‘Breakaway Plus’ class of ships and a home run for Norwegian. She will soon be joined by three sisters, the first of which is destined for the Asian Cruise Market in 2017.

A Plastic Ocean Film 2016 how can we heal a plastic ocean plastic pollution coalition whale diving for plastic bottle dispenser amenities

How can we HEAL A PLASTIC OCEAN? – Film Trailer

An extraordinary new adventure documentary that illuminates our human impact on oceans and our food chain due to plastic pollution.

The film has been four years in the making, and as shooting wraps, its producers are looking for a major global distributor so that as many people on the planet as possible will have the opportunity to see A PLASTIC OCEAN.

Please visit/support the Plastic Pollution Coalition and share this film trailer with as many people as you can!

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