A New Look For Pinterest

By Michael Faulds

When I went to check my Pinterest page today I got a big surprise – the site has a new design!  Earlier this week co-founder Ben Silbermann announced that Pinterest would be re-designed, and now today is the day. 

The new look of Pinterest puts more focus on the Pinner’s profile once landing on their page.  When looking at a profile the first thing I notice is the giant banner that spreads across the whole page.  This is the user information that previously was displayed on the side bar.  A Pinner’s name is now the title feature on the page, with a brief description about them below.  Directly underneath the description there are small callouts for Facebook and Twitter (if the accounts have been linked to Pinterest), as well as the Pinner’s location.  To the left of the banner is the Pinner’s profile picture and to the right is the “repins from” window with links to other profiles the user has recently repinned.

I can’t help but notice the similarities of the new Pinterest board’s appearance to that of a Facebook photo album posted on the new Timeline.  Both show a featured large-sized picture with several thumb-sized pictures beneath.  Both the new Facebook and the new Pinterest are great in my book!  Corporate users can especially benefit from the new Pinterest look, because their brand name, picture, and mission are promoted more prominently on their profile page.  Displaying the “repins from” window in such a visible position also gives companies a better opportunity to obtain more followers for their entire profile, not just their individual boards.

So here’s my advice.  If you’re into marketing but not into Pinterest yet, get there!  All it takes is one user with a lot of followers to repin your post and it can go viral in a couple of minutes.  The best part of it is each copy (repin) of your original post will be linked back both to your Pinterest profile, and the website it was pinned from.  So make sure you Pin your pictures/videos from your website and not upload them.  If have uploaded a Pin you can still link it back to your website by clicking edit on the Pin and then pasting URL in the link window.  Happy pinning!

Come take a look at the Eco-Travelers Pinterest Page at http://pinterest.com/ecotravelers/

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