Three of our Iberostar customers are recognized for their sustainability achievements

Iberostar resorts are some of our most exciting, romantic, and socially conscious customers.  They have recently added seven more properties – in Jamaica and Mexico – to their list of Green Globe Award winning resorts, three of which are Dispenser Amenities customers!

Iberostar Rose Hall Suites, Iberostar Paraiso Maya, and Iberostar Paraíso Lindo, all use AVIVA Dispensers in their guest showers to eliminate disposable plastic waste from their amenity offerings.  While this might not seem like an earth-shattering move, by giving their guests an alternative to using disposable bottles for their shower liquids in their combined total of over 1200 rooms, they are preventing over half-a-million bottles and over six-hundred-thousand ounces of liquid from being sent to landfills every year!

The Iberostar has implemented many policies across all of their operations at the brand level to ensure that they are not only offering their guests the five-star service they expect, but are also keeping the well-being of the planet in mind at all times.  All operations at their resorts are geared towards sustainability in all areas ranging from energy, to water, to recycling.

For example, all hotels in the award-winning Rose Hall complex contribute to a waste-energy conversion system that generates power from the hotel’s waste.  At the Rose Hall, every aluminum can they recycle generates enough electricity to power a television for six hours!  They also separate food particles from the waste to be used feeding livestock.

What really sets Iberostar apart from other resorts who are also operating sustainably, is that Iberostar also goes out of their way to become involved in both social and environmental initiatives at the hotel and in the surrounding community.  For example the Iberostar Playa Paraiso sought out local conservation authorities and set up a Sea Turtle conservation camp on the property!  The Playa Paraiso and Iberostar Cancun Camp have helped protect a combined 163 nests and 18389 eggs.  They also support the local economy by employing 75% of their staff from the community where they are located, as well as undertaking outreach activities that positively impact the lives of people in the surrounding area.

Certainly this story would not be complete without speaking to the outstanding experience that Iberostar provides their guests.  These resorts are not just places to stay when traveling to a destination, they are the destination.  When you stay at the Rose Hall Suites, Jamaica, don’t forget to ask your concierge to draw you up one of their famous rose petal baths!  Or if Mexico is your preference, don’t miss out on a short trip over to swim with the turtles at Akumal (land of turtles) while you are staying at the Iberostar Paraiso.

Iberostar is one of the world’s leading resort brands with excellent reviews across the board from both the online review community at Tripadvisor and Travelocity, as well as the professional standards communities such as Green Globe.  At Dispenser Amenities we can’t thank Iberostar enough for again demonstrating that sustainability and ecological values have a permanent place within a 5-star location!

 By Michael Faulds

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