Interested in what the future may hold for the Hospitality Industry? You Need Look no Further than Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a well deserved reputation as a tourist destination in the sun, sand and opulence of the wealthy Emirati.  Arguably, it is the luxury capital of the world and, indeed, there are only a few hotels worldwide that can compare to the five star hotels in the UAE, the trendsetters in the hospitality industry.

Creative and Stunningly Beautiful Architectural Designs

Burj Al Arab

The distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab dominates Dubai’s skyline.  The glistening hotel, which resembles a yacht, towers over the Persian Gulf.  

Guests can enjoy a stunning view of a city dotted with fantastical high-rises and countless cranes from their floor-to-ceiling windows.  Burj Al Arab is a seven star hotel; but officially it’s a double deluxe five star hotel, the highest possible rating.

Service Delivery

The distinctive, sail-shaped Burj Al Arab also stands out for its superb, world class service.  Complementing the the stunning allure that this structure provides, the service within really makes the Burj Al Arab extraordinary. It has been voted as the world’s most luxurious hotel numerous times, offering the finest services and facilities.  Guests have the option of a chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce, discreet check- in, a private reception, and a host of personal butlers, each trained to provide unparalleled service befitting this distinguished hotel.

There is a fleet of white Rolls Royce’s on the forecourt, and dancing fountains in the foyer.  Fireworks launch from the bridge to announce the arrival of important guests. Luxury cars ferry guests across an ocean causeway to the hotel’s own man-made island.  Helicopters with VIP guests land on a suspended helipad, a disc far above the sea.  The Burj’s sheer opulence, coupled with its outrageously attentive service, has garnered the hotel a mythical seven star reputation.

The Water Discus Hotel

First, it was the Burj Al Arab, built on a man-made island with a spectacular view of sea life above the surface of the Persian Gulf.  Dubai hoteliers then set out to lure guests beneath the blue surface waters.  The Water Discus Hotel, scheduled to open in Dubai, intends to provide luxury accommodations to anyone who wants to sleep in the deep.

The hotel, designed by Deep Ocean Technology, will contain 21 suites housed in two main discs, one above the water, the other below.  Deep Ocean Technology has created a modular design for the hotel such that, should any environmental or economic changes occur, the Water Discus modules can be safely moved to alternate places.

The guest rooms will contain panoramic glass windows that offer views below the Persian Gulf.  Guests will feel like they are sleeping inside a 24-hour aquarium with local flora and fauna right outside the wall.

The windows will be equipped with special lighting, and macro photography sensors so guests can zoom into even the smallest creatures for a detailed look at their colors, patterns, and movement.  In addition, the hotel will offer amenities such as a spa, helipad, diving center, and a terrace above the ground for sea-sick visitors.

Hotel Atlantis


Guests are bringing more devices into hotels than ever before – tablets, laptops, smartphones.  Hotel Atlantis strives to provide enough bandwidth to accommodate the many devices that guests bring while on vacation.  Atlantis works hard to provide the latest cutting edge technology in guestrooms, though the pace of technology sometimes leads to tech becoming obsolete far too quickly.  However, the Hotel Atlantis stays at the forefront of technological innovations by facilitating guests’ usage of their own devices.  This means Jack packs and Bluetooth to connect any device to the room TV, plenty of outlets for charging, and, of course, lots of bandwidth.

Technological innovations also help to pull in tourists to the hotel.  With technological innovations such as social media applications, instant photo sharing apps like Instagram, and review websites; guests can rate the hotel, and those wishing to travel can track the best time to visit the hotel, and the great tourist attractions through its website.

The UAE is a tourist destination where high-end is the norm and, as such, the desert metropolis has a host of magnificent five star hotel options for the adventurous traveller to choose from.  It is evident, however, that the confluence of creative design, innovative application of technology, and great service delivery all account for the 10 million tourists a year that flock to this beautiful vacation hot-spot.

The UAE’s economy was initially built on revenue from the oil industry.  Currently, the revenue from petroleum and natural gas account for less than 2% of the Emirate’s gross domestic product, whereas, heavy investments in industries and land now make up the bulk of the UAE’s economic growth.  The government’s decision to diversify from a trade based, oil reliant economy to one that is service and tourism oriented resulted in the property boom.  The extreme wealth that the Emirati derive from one of the world’s largest oil reserves enables them to hire the best architects to build the impossible.  Meanwhile, tax breaks and friendly property laws help to pull in wealthy investors who have constructed buildings like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, and the Jumeirah Village.


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