Need to Clean Up After a Zombie Invasion?

No man on Earth appreciates a good hot shower more than Rick Grimes, the main character on AMC’s hit television series The Walking Dead.  As if his living in a post-apocalyptic world with no running water, and limited hygiene products isn’t enough, having to relentlessly battle his way through zombies keeps Rick in a constant state of untidiness.  So when Rick, Shane and the rest of The Walking Dead squad finally make it to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the season one finale, they couldn’t be happier to jump in the showers and wash up with AVIVA Shower Dispensers!

For readers who are not followers of this show, here is a quick summary of season one: The star of the show, Sheriff Rick Grimes, is shot while on duty.  He goes into a coma and later awakes to discover that the world has been overrun by zombies.  Luckily he manages to find his wife and son who have set up camp with his old partner, Shane, and a small group of survivors. 

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However, when their camp is discovered and destroyed by zombies, several of his group are killed during the invasion and Rick’s friend Jim is bitten.  For readers who don’t know, when you are bitten by a zombie you are doomed to become one yourself.  The group starts to panic and there is talk of executing Jim, but Rick won’t have it.  He suggests that they go to the CDC and after some debate, the rest of the group agrees.

Upon reaching the CDC, they are let down to find out that there is only one scientist remaining, and the others have fled or taken their own lives.  Jenner, the remaining scientist, is suicidal himself; there is no cure and no hope.  Jim has since died while on route to the CDC and the rest of the group are on their last legs.  The up side…the CDC is equipped with liquor, food, and hot showers with none other than…Dispenser Amenities’ Shower Dispensers! 

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