Commercial aviva locking shower soap dispenser

Why AVIVA Dispensers are the Complete Package for Hotel Guest Amenities

Dispenser Amenities’ best-selling AVIVA Dispenser product line is making a splash in hotels worldwide!  When hotels choose to take the green route for guest soaps and shampoos, they save both the environment and their own expenses.  When you stop to think that the average individual amenity bottle for hotels is disposed of while it is still 70%-75% full, it just makes sense to use a dispenser to properly disperse that product, so that 100% is used and 0% wasted.  This will also eliminate the dumpsters of plastic pollution caused by disposing of the bottles. 

AVIVA Dispensers, manufactured and distributed by Dispenser Amenities, are both locking and durable.  They are made to withstand the abuse that commercial use will put them through. With this tamper-proof durability however, comes an elegant, beautiful design.  Available on one, two and three chamber sizes, AVIVA Dispensers mount on the wall using silicone glue and double-faced tape.  The Dispenser mounts instantly and securely on any wall surface with no drilling or wall damage whatsoever.

Hotels can also brand the AVIVA Dispenser with customized faceplates.  Dispenser Amenities will work with hotelAviva tamper proof hotel amenities soap dispenser marketing staff to design a look that personalizes the Dispenser for the hotel and/or the liquid brand.  Our custom faceplates display quality to your guests and let them know that brand name quality, and visibility was not sacrificed when converting from individual bottles.

AVIVA Dispensers can accommodate any and all bath liquids.  Buying liquids in bulk will further increase savings pertaining to guest amenities.  Dispenser Amenities is a manufacturer and distributor of three popular bath liquid brands: WindRiver, WAVE, and Green Tea.  We are also the exclusive distributor to the Hotel industry of world renowned H2O+ liquids in bulk quantities.

We invite you to visit our website and see how, together, we can help keep the travel industry sustainable.  This product does not stop with hotels; it is also commonly used in cruise lines, resorts,  gyms, and spas. 

No Matter the Color of Your Dispensers…They’re GREEN!™

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