A New Travel Trend has Hospitality Venues Setting up in Uncharted Territories

Some people like to get away for a while.  To take a nice trip to a hotel or resort, away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.  Then there are the people who are looking for something a little more.  Something that makes them feels like they are really away from it all; to the point where they are completely unreachable by anyone.  This type of travel is exploding in popularity and can be noticed by the emergence of many resorts that cater to Remote Access Travel.

To escape the world completely requires some distance.  For many, it is simply not enough, and far too uncomfortable, to pack a tent and head out camping.  To retreat to a crowded resort down south somewhere is great for the majority, but a steadily growing crowd is still looking for something different.  These people want to experience something more, and often without sacrificing the comforts of home.

A remote access travel destination has been the ideal solution for fulfilling such needs for many of these people in recent times.  For a resort to meet the criteria of “remote access” it must be only be accessible by air or water travel.  

Take your pick from some of the finest, most remote hospitality destinations in the world.

Berkeley River Lodge, The Kimberley, Western Australia, Australia

Well out of reach for most, the Berkeley River Lodge is perfect for those hoping to escape the ordinary.  Australia’s Kimberley coast is one of the Earth’s largest unoccupied regions and the perfect location for the Berkeley to set up shop.  Only be accessible through a private plane, boat or helicopter, you can enjoy the location while assured that you will not have to share. Enjoy gourmet meals, full five-star service, lots of wildlife, stunning views and different exploratory activities including visits to rock art sites and waterfalls.  This spectacular place does not come cheap, although there is certainly no luxury spared.  There are daily helicopter excursions available to expand the adventure used by guests to explore new fishing locations, wildlife hubs, and rare hiking locations.

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Renowned as one of the world’s most idealistic hospitality venues, the Taj Lake Palace is elegantly situated on a small island in Lake Pichola. Initially a summer palace for the 18th-century prince, the hotel’s soaring cupolas and white marble walls seem to float mirage-like on the water.  Courtyard lily ponds, airy terraces and sumptuous rooms invoke a sense of majesty and grandeur.  The Taj is accessible only by water and famous for its exotic boat excursions.  The spa boat is crafted for luxury and perfect for couples wanting to spend the day basking on the beautiful lake on the bow day bed, or rose petal Jacuzzi. In our day-to-day hectic of lifestyle, this Indian Lake Palace is a serene oasis where every visitor is treated like a celebrity!

Space Hotel, Low Earth Orbit

Well, the place is not built yet, but the Space Hotel is allegedly opening for business in 2016. A two-day Soyuz ride for GB£550,000 gets you to a room with spectacular view – 350km above the earth. Another GB£150,000 offers a five-day stay, in which you’ll orbit around the earth 77 times.  Currently under construction by the Russian company, Orbital Technologies, this place will only be accessible through a Soyuz spacecraft.  It plans to offer amenities such as gourmet foods, large portholes (windows), and your choice of a vertical or horizontal bed!

More and more guests are expanding their travel preferences while vendors scramble to keep up.  Fortunately for hoteliers, the majority of travelers are still bound to regular locations which are much more suitable for vendors to set up and supply.  However, the more affluent guests which are particularly valuable guests are starting to look for experiences away from the ordinary, which should hotels be able to offer, are extremely lucrative for both traveler and hotelier!

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