A New Trend has People Heading Online to get Closer to Nature?!

Technology has a reputation for pushing people farther from nature, however, with the emerging popularity of webcam streaming, we are now seeing technology have the opposite effect.  A new incredibly popular trend has emerged – the live streaming of nature online, nature documentaries in real time.  Recently, a pair of endangered, nesting Ospreys made headlines in the Globe and Mail when a publisher for the newspaper became aware that 50 million viewers had tuned in to a live webcam broadcast monitoring their nest.

Nature webcams provide scintillating live feeds of breathtaking scenery, animals, and plants, free from human interference. Viewing these phenomena through a computer screen may not compare with real world experience, however, webcams are able to capture nature in a previously undiscovered state. Listed below is a compilation of webcam feeds from around the globe that are informative and fun to watch, providing exciting natural views.

Sheraton Hotel Falcons

Atop the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto live a pair of very popular Peregrine Falcons.  The hotel has embraced the presence of the birds and created a peaceful environment for them which has now helped them produce four male chicks!  The hotel’s sponsorship and partnership with the Peregrine Foundation is beneficial all around.  The birds have a safe home to raise their young, and the hotel has gained the admiration of bird lovers worldwide and the publicity that accompanies hosting these remarkable animals.  In addition, the entire world now has the opportunity to check in on the birds whenever they wish via the hotel’s live webcam feed available at the Peregrine-foundation.ca

The Peregrine Falcon is one of the fastest species on Earth and they have a penchant for building their nests at very high altitudes, such as the top of cliffs and skyscrapers.  The Sheraton webcam provides users with the chance to view these amazing birds inside their nests.

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of the greatest sights of the natural world, a breathtaking display of seemingly magical illumination.  The Lights are visible in the Polar Regions at certain times of the year, few have the chance to travel and enjoy them in person and many who have made this journey have been disappointed by a no-show.

Now, thanks to technology, the website http://www.porjus.eu offers viewers the opportunity to view these beautiful sights.  The camera feeds allow you to see the show from any location around the world.  The web camera that took this amazing shot is located in an area in Northern Sweden called the Swedish Lapland, in the tiny village of Porjus known for its amazing views.

Loch Ness

If you have been itching to catch a glimpse of the famous Loch Ness, thanks to technology, you no longer need to leave the comfort of your home to monitor the lake.  Since the 1930s, people have been traveling to Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands hoping to glimpse “Nessie”, the huge monster said to inhabit the lake.  Now, 80 years later, the tradition continues. Now, all you need to indulge in a little plesiosaur-spotting is your browser, and high speed internet. At lochness.co.uk, webcams offering live streams of Loch Ness lake can be found, including the live feed of award winning researcher, Mikko Takala.  The webcam refreshes every three seconds allowing viewers amazing lake views in real time.  Plans are underway for the installation of an underwater cam that could potentially locate or disprove the existence of the elusive Nessie.

Bonaire National Marine Park in the Antilles Islands

The breathtaking views from the underwater camera in Bonaire National Marine park are enough to make anyone desperately want to get scuba-certified.  The underwater cam, shows a live feed, that can be refreshed up to every two seconds with high speed internet connection.  Located 15 meters below the drop-off at a famous dive site known as “Something Special”, the cam provides an underwater view of the Bonaire National Marine Park in the Antilles Islands.  The website offers a particularly clear glimpse of the marine ecosystem.  The screen can be set to refresh anywhere from 2 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the internet connection.  Refreshing every 2 seconds, it is possible to actually see the movements of the marine life.

Big Five – Maasai Mara Kenya.

For those fascinated by the sight of lions, elephants, hippos and hyenas going about their daily business, the Africam webcam service can be of immense assistance.  Through webcam streams at Africam.com, users can monitor up to four streaming feeds, as well as sign up to be instantly alerted through Facebook or Twitter when any of the animals are in view.  This way, it is possible to experience a safari from the comfort of your living room.


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