Truly Unique! The TRYP New York City Times Square South Hotel

By Michael Faulds

After having just returned from an eye-opening journey to the TRYP New York City South Times Square South Hotel Dispenser Amenities International Sales Manager Warren Hodgson had a lot to talk about:

“From the first minute you walk in the door you know this hotel is like no other.  At first glance, you notice a full wall of big screen TVs and think to yourself – “What’s this all about?”  Aside from being able to watch regular programming, these TVs serve a unique purpose.  When you check in at TRYP, you are given a password to TRYP’s own social network called “Lobby Friend”.  Similar to Twitter, users of this network can post messages from their profiles, but you have to be a guest or staff member to join this network.  When you post a message, it is routed directly to the televisions in the lobby.  Both other guests and staff may then respond to your message from their own profile.  If you need advice, want to send a message about a social event, have questions for the staff, or have anything else you want to communicate to the hotel’s community, all you need is your mobile device and “Lobby Friend”.

Once you begin the check-in process you are now faced with a choice; which type of luxurious room would you like:  The stylish standard sized TRYP room, a larger sized Premium room with enhanced amenities and a better view; the large sized Fitness room with all the perks of the Premium room plus an in-suite exercise machine and workout gear; or the Family room, with bunk beds and everything else you need for the whole family?  All the rooms are equipped with the latest security features including a laptop-sized safe, and radio frequency keycards. 

On the main floor of the hotel is the Gastro Bar that features various types of mouth-watering local drinks and cuisine including Warren’s favorite – the roasted brussel sprouts with pork belly and Brooklyn Lager to wash it down, as well as Spanish and International Tapas.  It has a modern look to it with a clear grand feeling of the New York City experience.

There is no way to talk about the TRYP New York Hotel without mentioning how beautiful the bathrooms are.  I have included a picture shown to the right.  These are some of the most amazing hotel guest bathrooms in the world!  I had to include this picture because the red tiling that matches the shower head gives the whole room such an inviting look and is highlighted beautifully by the AVIVA III Satin Silver Custom Dispenser.  Every one of the bathrooms in all of TRYP’s 173 rooms are outfitted with Dispenser Amenities products allowing the hotel to save 60,000 partly used soap bars with wrappers, 88,000 traditional disposable amenity shampoo bottles, and 66,000 ounces of unused liquids from becoming pollution had they chosen to go with a disposable bottle amenity program!  As well as saving the environment though their amenity choices, TRYP has also decided to finish their main lobby with wood that by vast majority was re-claimed.  They also use water-saving shower heads.

On Warren’s last day at the TRYP hotel, he asked a concierge named Cari if she could suggest something fun to do for his last few hours in New York.  She kindly referred him to a popular tourist attraction called the Highline, a historic elevated freight rail line that has been preserved by New York City. After arriving at the Highline, Warren enjoyed it so much that he used the “Lobby Friend” application to thank Cari and inform other guests about what a great attraction it was.  Some guests responded to Warren’s message with questions about the Highline.  He engaged them in a conversation about it and several of them ended up coming down to enjoy the site with him.

The TRYP’s expansion to New York City is an excellent addition to their already famous hotel chain.  New York is one of the world’s most visited places and a perfect spot for one of the prestigious TRYP hotels.  Here at Dispenser Amenities we are very proud to be a small part of this fabulous attraction!

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