Montana hotel custom hand and body lotion and hand wash dispensers mounted on white wall dispenser amenities

The Montana Hotel in London, England discovers enormous benefits from their recent Dispenser purchase.

The Montana Hotel, a sixty-room property in London, England has recently installed the AVIVA II Custom Satin Dispenser with Basket, and their feedback could not be better.  They chose to install our popular four-chamber Dispenser combo with a two-chambered satin silver AVIVA unit with hand soap and lotion for the vanity, and the two-chambered satin silver AVIVA with stainless steel basket in the shower.  Both of these Dispensers are adorned with, gold-foil-crested custom faceplates featuring the hotel branding.

General Manager, Raj Takhar, couldn’t be happier with the decision:

“After we (The Montana Hotel) installed the AVIVA Dispensers, we immediately noticed the time that was being saved by our housekeeping staff.  I estimate that each member of my housekeeping staff saves one hour and twenty minutes every day, which would have been spent collecting bottled amenities from storage, cleaning the mess from the showers, and disposing of the waste.  This extra time is allowing the staff to further detail their service and provide those little extra touches!  Stock control is far easier to manage as the Dispensers only need be refilled about once per week.  All guests whom I’ve had a chance to speak with about it have nothing but positive things to say about it, particularly how convenient they found the basket in the shower.  Since the installation, I’ve notice a cost-reduction of approximately 80% for our liquid offerings and expect to start seeing a return on investment within the next 6 months.”

The property is located right in the heart of Knightsbridge and the décor is fashioned to appeal to those looking for traditional British luxury feel!  Spectacular crystal chandeliers, wood furnishings, and granite décor, found throughout the Montana Hotel certainly contribute to this sort of aesthetic! 

This great news is re-lived day after day as thousands of hospitality locations are making the switch to our modern and sustainable systems.  However, “it’s not every day we see a location incorporate a raised golden crest into their faceplate artwork” says Ed Ruffman, European Sales Manager for Dispenser Amenities.  “For me, I think this particular label is one of most unique and eye-catching I’ve seen to date!”

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