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Harrah’s Resort SoCal Sends Out A CodeGreen

Harrah’s Resort SoCal is not only one of San Diego’s premier hotels, it’s also one of the most environmentally-conscious resort destinations in the state of California. The commitment to helping the environment hasn’t stopped visitors from having fun – it’s only added to the unique experience.

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The WAVE of the Future: Dispensers with a View!


In the hospitality industry, hoteliers are not only looking to cut down on the waste being produced within their hotels – they’re looking to provide convenience, and not just for the guests. One of the aims of every hotel is to increase the efficiency and productivity of its housekeeping staff. As providing personal amenities to guests is a regular and important part of their duties, this task is an optimal area to increase efficiency.

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Case Study: The Impact of Shower Dispensers on a Medium Sized Hotel Chain

The following is an account of the complete transition of a mid-sized hotel chain as they switch their amenities from a disposable system to an environmentally sustainable system based on Dispensers. Greenscape Hotels is a chain with the objectives to reduce both expenses and their environmental impact, while maintaining the experience and quality standards their guests expect. In just one year they achieved that and more by saving over $500,000 in annual amenity costs per property and eliminating over 7 million pieces of plastic waste.

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Rio Summer Olympics by the Numbers

Once again, the Summer Olympics are upon us. In sharp contrast to the usual “bigger is better” mantra, this year’s edition is scaled back to have an emphasis on sustainability. In fact, the Games themselves have a projected carbon footprint of zero. How did Rio manage to put together such a spectacular event while keeping green practices at the forefront? While 3.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide will be generated throughout the Games, 2 million tonnes will be mitigated through technology employed by the IOC and the remaining 1.6 million tonnes will be mitigated by local state and municipal initiatives. 80% of the material used to construct temporary offices can be re-used due to its modular nature and, while 17 million tonnes of solid waste will be generated over 16 days of Olympic events, this is equivalent to only 2 days’ worth of public trash for Rio de Janeiro. Continue reading…

The Priestley’s Terrace Beach Resort

The gorgeous Terrace Beach Resort has been a customer of Dispenser Amenities for many years. Owned and operated by Beverly Hills 90210 and Call Me Fitz television and film star Jason Priestley and his family, the resort is located along the spectacular British Columbia coastline. Terrace Beach Resort has all the amenities of a luxurious urban resort paired with the secluded splendor of being located deep in the rustic Canadian countryside. It is has won many accolades including a place on the 2015 TripAdvisor Hall of Fame and was recommended by The New York Times. Continue reading…

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