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The Widening Gyres: The Dark Days of Worldwide Ocean Pollution

There’s a swirling gyre of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, and it’s getting bigger every year. Despite being called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or the Pacific Trash Vortex, it’s not an oceanic landfill as you might expect – the patch is made up mostly of very small pieces of disposable plastic trapped by ocean gyres, and the plastic can be so small that even if you drove a boat through the very heart of this patch, you might never realize it was there.

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TripAdvisor to Ban All Attractions Involving Wild or Endangered Animals

In another win for animal rights activists around the world, TripAdvisor will no longer be selling tickets to attractions that involve contact with wild or endangered animals. Some properties and events have already been removed from the company’s website, while the remaining banned attractions will be fully removed by early 2017. The policy was 6 months in the making and builds upon TripAdvisor’s existing ban on any attractions that involve killing or injuring animals, such as bullfights and captive hunts. Continue reading…

The Priestley’s Terrace Beach Resort

The gorgeous Terrace Beach Resort has been a customer of Dispenser Amenities for many years. Owned and operated by Beverly Hills 90210 and Call Me Fitz television and film star Jason Priestley and his family, the resort is located along the spectacular British Columbia coastline. Terrace Beach Resort has all the amenities of a luxurious urban resort paired with the secluded splendor of being located deep in the rustic Canadian countryside. It is has won many accolades including a place on the 2015 TripAdvisor Hall of Fame and was recommended by The New York Times. Continue reading…

Going the Distance

To say it’s a long way from our Head Office in London, Canada to the Nouvata Parc Hotel is an understatement.  We were contacted last year by the Hotel’s  Manager,  Emmanuelle Masson, to possibly supply Dispensers and Shower Liquids for the property. That’s a contact like we have every day.  But this was a bit different!  The hotel is in Noumea, New Caledonia, a French Territory located 8,360 miles from London… nearly ¾ of the distance around the earth.

A few years back, while on a cruise to New Zealand, we visited New Caledonia, a beautiful island off the east coast of Australia known for having the world’s second largest barrier reef.  The lagoon-protected area bounded by the reef measures 24,000 square kilometers (nearly 10,000 square miles) of spectacularly beautiful, clear, turquoise waters, teaming with underwater life.  Although we did go snorkeling or diving, we did visit the amazing Aquarium of the Lagoon, located in Noumea, which was a stunning representation of that life.  Simply magnificent!

With 300 rooms, Nouvata Parc Hotel made the decision to stop throwing away thousands of plastic amenity bottles every month.  “Being so attached to the sea, I needed our property to stop the plastic waste assault on this fragile, beautiful eco-system on our doorstep” said Ms. Masson.  “It is essential that we protect it!”

Dispenser Amenities Asia Sales Manager, Miranda Lee, helped Ms. Masson with samples sent from our office in Taiwan, (just 4436 miles from the property) and the hotel selected two-chamber iQon white Dispensers and WAVE™ Body Wash and Conditioning Shampoo. The shipment was placed in a container and began a weeks-long journey from Taiwan to Nouvata Parc Hotel.

We recently shipped another order to the property which will add iQon Dispensers to even more rooms and replenish the liquids. ‘Going the distance’ to serve our customers around the world now has a whole new meaning!

Norwegian Cruise Line conditioning shampoo and body wash dispensers on transparent background dispenser amenities

NCL goes BIG with the Norwegian Escape and Personalizes AVIVA Shower Dispensers for their Entire Fleet!

Norwegian Cruise Lines’ newest and most innovate ship, the Norwegian Escape, launched in the fall of 2015 and is currently the largest in the fleet, with 19 decks and a guest capacity of 4248. Norwegian Escape is the third largest cruise ship on the planet.

Dispenser Amenities has a long and proud relationship with Norwegian Cruise Line. We provide every stateroom of NCL’s entire fleet of 14 vessels with our locking AVIVA Dispensers 14 vessels, eliminating the product and packaging waste associated with individually packaged amenities.

When we introduced our customization options to Norwegian Cruise Lines, they were delighted and said it would become a must-have for all amenity Dispensers throughout their entire fleet. Today, beautifully custom-labelled AVIVA two-chambered Dispensers provide guests with easy- to- read push-button selection of shower liquids, while an AVIVA one-chambered Dispenser for hand soap complements the elegantly appointed vanity.

Norwegian Cruise Dispensers
Find brand new, customized Dispensers for both the shower and vanity on Norwegian cruise ships.

The Norwegian Escape is the first of the upcoming ‘Breakaway Plus’ class of ships and a home run for Norwegian. She will soon be joined by three sisters, the first of which is destined for the Asian Cruise Market in 2017.

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