One Ocean Expeditions

Another leader in the nature-oriented cruise industry has come on board to equip their fleet with our eco-friendly dispensers.  We are very excited and proud to be in business with a company that values nature and the environment as much as we do.

Eco-Voyages to the polar caps are rapidly growing in popularity.  Antarctica is the least traversed part of the planet and because of this, there is a growing trend to explore it.  Both bold explorers and more average travelers that are not afraid of the cold weather and rugged terrain, have been turning to experts, like the staff at One Ocean Expeditions, to not only see this undiscovered country, but to understand it.

One Ocean Expeditions is named to reflect the fact that despite there being various recognized oceans around the world, they are all interconnected and the state of one, affects all of the others.  This way of thinking has also been adopted by Russia’s World Ocean program which One Ocean Expeditions has participated in.

Both vessels operated by One Ocean Expeditions were originally built for the purpose of polar research and have been used by world renowned scientists, from Russia’s Institute of Oceanography, to escort them to the Polar Regions to conduct research.  The ships have been modified to accommodate every luxury desired by the most discriminating guests, but still have all of the scientific and navigational equipment necessary to locate the elusive and exotic marine wildlife that inhabits any ocean environment. 

One Ocean is very concerned about mitigating any ecological impact that would accompany bringing tourists to some of the world’s most sensitive environmental areas.  Their aim to be unrivalled in sustainability practices within their industry has brought them into contact with us.

Both One Ocean ships – the Akademik Ioffe and the Akademik Sergey Vavilov – are now outfitted with our AVIVA Translucent Series Dispensers in a white finish.  This transformation allows both ships to replenish their shower liquids and hand soaps from a central bulk location in the ship, rather than having to store and dispose of the thousands of disposable bottles that would be required to service the patrons for the duration of the expedition.

As the cruise line industry grows and evolves, Dispenser Amenities is right there with it.  From large industry leaders like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, and Princess Cruise Lines, to smaller more niche expedition companies like One Ocean and Quark Expeditions, Dispenser Amenities has the right products for everyone to help keep our oceans blue and plastic free.

By Michael Faulds

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