How to Pull a Cemented Fencepost from the Ground using a Car Jack

 The first step is to remove the fence sections from the post so that you now have just the free-standing post.  Now dig a shallow hole around the post.  This hole must be deep enough to be able to see the top portion of the cement base of the post.  I found it is best to dig a wide hole around the post using a full sized steel shovel then to switch to a gardening-sized short-handled shovel to clear out the area directly beside the cement base.  As you can see in this photo, once you get to the cement block you only need to clear out enough dirt from the sides of it to get a steel cable around it.  The next step is to cut the post off where it meets the cement. pull-fence-post-with-car-jack Now wrap a steel cable around the cement, knot it and back-feed it so that, when pulled, on it will tighten like a noose.  Be sure to get the cable down far enough that it will find some irregularities in the cement to latch itself to when it begins to tighten.  Next, place a solid platform (in this case a 4×4) across the hole.  Make sure that it is relatively level, both horizontally and vertically.  Wedge pieces of stone or wood underneath the edges to level it if necessary.  It is very important to place the car jack at the center of the weight load and attach the cable to the top of the jack on opposite sides of the block.  A car jack is only meant to support a load where the weight is pushing straight down on it at a 90 degree angle.  If you notice that the jack is starting to lean one way or the other you must stop, release the weight, and adjust the position that the jack is sitting on the platform so that the weight is evenly distributed.  Once you have it properly positioned, all you have to do is slowly crank the jack up and pull the cement base out of the hole.  Once you notice a movement of the block you are home free.  The Jack will not pull the block completely clear of the hole because the top of the cement will contact your platform, but at this point it will be so loose that two men can lift it out by hand.

I have done this twice now and I think it is a great way to get the job done while sparing your back.  I am concerned however, that on both occasions I have done this, I have found pieces of plastic garbage underground.  This time I took pictures.  My brother and I removed a broken pole from the fence in our parent’s back yard.  My parents moved in to this house in the year 2000 and from the look of the fence it was at least 5 years old when they got there.  This means that the garbage buried-plastic-pollution-garbage-undergroundI found has been buried for a minimum of 17 years and has not even begun to breakdown!  The writing on the package is still legible.  I’m wondering to myself, how much plastic junk is there buried underground?   If this stuff lasts forever, what kind of impact does it have on the environment when it’s buried?  If I found 3 pieces in just this small hole, there must be quite a lot buried around the globe.

The only way to stop plastic pollution is to refuse to use disposable plastic and products that come wrapped in it.  I already know it’s clogging up landfills and Oceans; now during this fence post project I learn that there is probably a large amount of plastic buried in the Earth.


Go Green with Eco Soap Dispensers for Best Western

As the World’s biggest hotel family, Best Western was the first of its kind that decided to write environmentally friendly best practice standards into their guest room policy.  Best Western has written a recommended best practices policy that encourages individual owners to implement environmentally friendly practices within the Best Western chosen framework. 

This framework includes the use of shower dispensers to help reduce the pollution from guest amenities.  Best Western understands the environmental impact caused from single use plastic amenity bottles, and has chosen to give owners several options to eliminate the wasteful practice.  Dispenser Amenities’ WAVE and Classic product lines are both recommended by Best Western as appropriate ways of reducing plastic waste from membership hotels.

The issue of disposable plastic is making headlines across the world.  Consumers everywhere are starting to speak out against single-use plastic items.  Many communities have gone as far as outlawing the use of disposable grocery bags and plastic water bottles.  Individual amenity bottles fall under the same category as these items and hotels worldwide are sending almost 10 billion bottles to landfills annually.

In a recent interview, Tim Rodgers, General Manager of the eco-friendly trendsetting Best Western Plus Kamloops British Columbia told us how he feels WAVE Dispensers benefit his hotel:

  “The implementation of soap dispensers in the Best Western PLUS Kamloops Hotel has nearly eliminated the cost of wasted soap at our hotel.  When you multiply our 81 rooms with our 80% occupancy, then take into account that many individually packaged guest amenity products must be disposed of long before they are completely used, our WAVE dispensers are a much more effective way to deliver the soap in the exact quantity when it is needed.  Although, the real benefit as I see it, is that our hotel is eliminating the environmental damage that would have been caused from having to dispose of the packaging from single use amenities”.

The following quote was taken from a testimonial letter sent to Dispenser Amenities by Aaron Sheldon, owner of Best Western Plus Lamplighter Inn, London Ontario:

“We now have 172 rooms, all with the Dispenser Amenities system. Throughout our experience with this product and this company, we have been completely satisfied. The Dispensers perform without problem and both our guests and our housekeeping staff have very positive comments about this approach to shower liquids.”

It’s time to join up with the rest of your Best Western team and no longer contribute to this environmental disaster.  The Best Western Brand has paved the way by approving the dispenser system, but it is still up to the individual owners to convert their hotels.  The good news is – Dispenser Amenities’ products will save your hotel money!  In addition to the respect gained from your guests for helping save the environment, you will be saving your own expense.  The industry average of liquid wasted by throwing away partially used disposable bottles is 70-75%.  That number represents potentially saving 75% of your entire guest amenities expense!  Both WAVE and Classic dispensers ensure that 0% of the liquid is wasted and 100% is consumed by the guest.  They are beautifully designed and enhance the appearance of any shower or vanity.

Dispenser Amenities is also extending an offer to any and all Best Western locations called the Pennies Per Room program.  For just pennies per occupied room, Dispenser Amenities will provide high quality bulk liquids with no capital cost for the approved dispensers.  This is a great opportunity because, the money spent on liquid amenities will be less then you currently spend when the amount wasted from single use bottle disposal is factored in, and you get designer dispensers for your entire hotel included in the deal for free.  In effect, we are rewarding you for saving money!

We hope you have found this article informative, and would like to encourage all Best Western locations to contact International Sales Manager, Warren Hodgson and start saving money while reducing plastic pollution today!

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