WAVE Sensation Spa

New and Improved Formula!

Natural Luxurious Shower Liquids boast richness and aromas to peak the senses.

Wave sensation spa liquids have been formulated to provide a truly memorable shower experience. WAVE embodies the richest natural ingredients and exhilarating aromas to pamper your guests and leave them feeling uniquely special.

Although WAVE liquids are undoubtedly improved quality over your present offering, they will cost much less because they are packaged in sensible bulk sizes to suit your property and provided through our world-leading Dispenser ™ System. 

Shampoo, Body Wash, Conditioner, Lotion, are all available in various quantities.

Higher Quality. More Convenient. Less Costly & Guest love it!

Download WAVE Sensation Spa Brochure

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Download WAVE Sensation Spa Measurements


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