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Comes in 1, 2, and 3 chambers!

Our newest family of shower dispenser raises the bar once again. Guests will love how it is easy to use, easy to read and in a word elegant. The bold easy-to-clean surfaces, along with the increased chamber size will save time for housekeeping staff. Also, by switching from individual bottles to any of our Dispenser systems you will be eliminating the plastic waste and reducing your costs significantly.

Dispenser Amenities has drawn on our 20 years of experience to apply the technology from the aesthetic beauty of the AVIVA design and dependable durability of the Classic design, to form our state-of-the-art iQon product! The iQon is lockable and completely tamper-proof.

With the iQon Dispenser system, Dispenser Amenities has entered into a new generation of customizable Dispensers. The iQon features a completely enclosed, water-proof channel, allowing brand labels to slide easily into the channel, presenting bold product/hotel identification to your guests.

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2 reviews for iQon

  1. Chance

    Be very careful where you place them or they will get knocked off and broken. The best placement is between the shower head and the shower handle. We have had no problems there! Do not put the on the opposite wall, they get knocked off all the time. The label area is water proof which is great.

    • Jarad Fisher

      Thank you for your feedback, Chance,

      We’re so glad that you enjoy our Dispensers! We actually recommend users mount them on a wall other than the showerhead, so the shower water does not water-down the amenity being dispensed. If you are having trouble with units coming off the wall, it indicates your housekeeping has been leaving units unlocked: our units are designed to pop off when unlocked so they can be refilled with ease. With the lids properly locked, the units will be quite secure in their bracket. Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions or concerns at info@dispenser-amenities.com.



    Please quote this and other hotel dispenser

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