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Locking & Secure Soap Dispensers

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Whether an international chain hotel or a local boutique, we have a vast variety of Dispenser styles to suit every brand and every property décor.

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Dispenser Amenities™ offers a range of top quality, luxurious shower liquids for your shower dispensers, or use your existing liquid amenity supplier. The choice is yours!

Available in North America Only


High-Quality Soap Dispensers

Lockable Shower Dispensers For Hotels & Facilities

Dispenser Amenities offers a wide variety of locking and secure soap dispensers. Our commercial soap dispensers are designed to provide the ultimate experience for your guests. Our wall mountable and counter-top models are perfect for industries such as hospitality, hotels, healthcare, office facilities, and more!

The sleek design of our locking and secure soap dispensers compliments any décor making them ideal for public space. At Dispenser Amenities, we take pride in providing the highest quality of locking and secure soap dispensers on the market. Our products are made with high-grade materials, ensuring your guests receive a pleasant experience every time they use one of our products. Contact us now to get started

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dispenser Amenities™ only sells locking, tamper-resistant dispensers.
Guests cannot open the Dispenser. All of our dispensers are secure and locking. Keys for your housekeeping staff are provided with every Dispenser.

Yes, it is recommended that your facility uses locking soap and shampoo dispensers to ensure safety and hygiene. While not all facilities need these, they are a great way to ensure that any liquids used in the bathroom are secured and protected from contamination. Locking dispensers also help prevent theft of shampoo and soap products.

Locking soap dispensers are high-quality soap and Shower Dispensers designed with a locking mechanism that prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing the liquid soap contained inside. These types of dispensers are typically used in public areas, such as guest showers and at vanities, to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and theft.

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