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We are proud to say that our dispensers are featured in many locations all over the world thanks to our valued customers! Cruise lines, Spa resorts, Sports Stadiums, Country Clubs, and Hotels; We do it all.


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I’ve always felt it was wasteful to have all those tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner etc.in the bathroom. The Seaport gets around that with dispensers of high-quality  shampoo and conditioners, so no waste and no wondering which bottle is conditioner and which one is lotion! Used soap bars are donated to the Global Soap Project and since 2009 the Seaport has donated over 15,257 pounds of soap. Private Blog Geek Girl Travel
"Pros--The shower was amazing. Nice showerhead, plenty of room, and amazing Bliss Spa products (Shampoo & Conditioner 2-in-1 and body wash) mounted on a dispenser inside the shower." Tripadvisor PinkLuxe
"Shower dispensers remind me of those fancy hotels, this place is nice, really nice" Tripadvisor TerriM
"Big pluses in my mind: Always accommodating and overall just nice people that work there as well as the in-shower dispensers of soaps, gels, etc." Yelp Courtney M.
"In the bathroom/shower we enjoyed the complimentary shampoo/conditioner/shower wash it was in a nice dispenser along the shower wall." Tripadvisor Elizabeth L
"The young ladies were delighted by the wall-mounted dispensers of Gilchrist & Soames earth-friendly Zero Percent shampoo, conditioner and shower gel." The New York Times RON LIEBER
"the shampoo dispenser cured all my nightmares about tiny shampoo bottles going to waste." Ebookers Zabe
"Modern rooms with a nautical theme. Loved the dispensers in the shower for shampoo, etc." Tripadvisor Tracy201052
"Pros:  I loved the huge shower and shampoo/body wash dispensers." Expedia Marilyn

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