Wildwood snowmass dispensers connected by metal rack with snowy mountains in background dispenser amenities

Wildwood Snowmass opens with custom AVIVA Dispensers

Dispenser Amenities is so proud to have our hand in the Wildwood Snowmass hotel launch!  This trendy new facility certainly exhibits some of the finest building design Starwood has to offer.  When contacted about supplying Wildwood with our eco-friendly AVIVA Dispensers, we were overjoyed to be a part of such a prestigious opening.

Snowmass, Colorado, located very close to Aspen, Colorado, is one of the top skiing destinations in the world.  Boasting the second most vertical feet of all ski runs in the U.S.A. and fifth most in North America, it is a great spot for a family vacation or extreme skiing. 

Wildwood Snowmass is put together with a fantastic design.  The interior has a very modern feel to it, with bright block colors and contemporary artwork.  They have designed some of the most beautiful guest bathrooms I’ve ever seen, by making use of bright primary colors and bold simplicity.  The hotel is very flashy and certainly appealing to its market of trendy young skiers.  It has several common areas to accommodate large groups in need of entertainment.  There are many options to have some fun, in between ski runs, including the Living Lounge,  Living Room, Bar, Communal Canteen, and during the summer a pool and SnackShack.  Another interesting feature worth noting, is the hidden bathroom accessible through a door hidden behind a wall of fake bookshelves. 

Our proud contribution to the location is the elegant two-chambered, customized, AVIVA II with basket Dispensers you will find in each of their 152 guest bathrooms.  These units are unique among Starwood properties because Wildwood has customized its units to fit into their niche market, distinguishing them from any other Dispenser Amenities’ products that are used in other Starwood properties like Four Points by Sheraton, Aloft, and Element brands.

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