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Introducing iQon™ The World’s Most Beautiful Dispenser.

May we present iQon, the newest Dispenser design family from Dispenser Amenities.  Created to appeal to the world’s most discerning Hotels and their Guests, iQon raises the bar on good looks in a single or multi-chamber Dispenser system that surpasses all competition.

Strikingly Attractive
From the very beginning, we set out to make iQon a design of distinct beauty.  Our first concept drawings set us in a direction of a fine fragrance bottle, a look that the privileged hotel guest would appreciate.  We have used bold, elegant lines, strong shapes, heavier materials and superior finishes to craft a Guest Shower Dispenser that truly is an upgrade, in every respect.  Plus the beautiful bottle has a larger 12.5 ounce (375 ml) capacity.

Perfectly proportioned and finely crafted, iQon will enhance the Guest shower experience in fine Hotels throughout the world, that care about the Environment and want to reduce the waste created by small-bottle amenity programs.

Custom instructions imageDesigned to be Beautifully and Easily Personalized
Superior shower experiences are created by offering superior shower liquids.  iQon provides the ultimate ability to present your liquid brand on an attractive, easy-to-read, personalized label that slides into a protected clear sleeve.  We’ll help you create the artwork to make your Dispensers and your presentation truly unique. Never again will hotel guests need to put on their glasses to read the tiny names on little bottles.  Never again with they have to battle slippery bottles, messy caps and liquids that won’t come out.  iQon provides the ultimate in easy push-button convenience providing exactly the right amount, every time, in a completely waste-free experience.  Exquisite.

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain and Totally Reliable
Like every Dispenser Amenities Dispenser, iQon installs in minutes with no special tools and no wall damage.  The special Installation Kit contains strong, durable silicone adhesive for an easy, permanent installation.  There is no requirement for daily upkeep, like cleaning up and restocking a small bottle amenity program, so it saves housekeeping time on every occupied room, every day.  iQon uses the patented Dispenser Amenities pump and valve system that is guaranteed for life, the ultimate promise of superior quality and long-term performance.

Time to Upgrade Your Guest Shower Amenity Offering
In survey after survey, Guests overwhelmingly approve of the Dispenser Amenities systems.  No more little bottles and no more waste.  Guests understand the waste issue.  They know that plastic bottles have become an Environmental disaster.  When you install beautiful iQon Dispensers in your Guest Showers, you immediately see the savings.  Buying superior liquids in Bulk sizes saves money instantly, not to mention that you only pay for what your Guests use…not for the liquids that are thrown away in little bottles, day after day.  With iQon, you enhance your Guest’s experience with a truly beautiful Dispenser system, you reduce your costs and you eliminate waste.  Better for everybody.  Better for the Environment.

Choose the Perfect iQon for Your Property
iQon is available in one, two, and three chamber sizes in your choice of Satin Silver, Chrome or White finish.  Then customize and personalize your selection with a striking label design that’s uniquely your signature. Now that’s perfection.  For those who have come to expect the best, now there is a new iQon.

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