Hotel Dispenser History

About 20 years ago, Dispenser Amenities began to convert hotels in North America to an eco-friendly approach to guest amenities.  Traditionally, hotels would offer their guests tiny disposable plastic bottles full of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and other liquid amenities. Dispenser Amenities owner, Ian Wallace, looked into that approach to amenities and noticed two things.  The bottles that were being used for these liquids were being thrown away only partially used, causing the hotel owners to waste a great deal of money on the wasted liquid as well as the packaging.  Secondly, the liquid and bottles that were being thrown away were contributing to a then growing disaster, that is currently described as the plastic pollution epidemic.

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This disposable plastic nightmare has led to public outrage over the creation of the five gyres (five gigantic floating plastic garbage patches that are slowly consuming the world’s oceans), as well as new landfills popping up daily worldwide, to accommodate the invincible plastic trash that will not break down for hundreds of years.  Today, there is broad public awareness that plastic waste is a serious scourge for our planet and Hoteliers are changing their approach to shower amenities and taking responsibility to make a difference.

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All staff at Dispenser Amenities take great pride in knowing that, by working with our hotel customers, who now number well into the thousands, our combined efforts are keeping a more than a million small plastic bottle out of the landfills every day.


This would not have been possible without the participation of some incredibly dedicated, name-brand hotel chains such as Four Points by Sheraton, Best Western, Element, Aloft, Home2Suites by Hilton, plus many other international brands, and thousands of independent Hotels. Let us keep working together until we can say that disposable plastic waste from hospitality industry guest shower amenities is a thing of the past!


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These hotel brands and hundreds of other independent hotels are committed to reducing plastic bottle waste.

When you travel please choose to stay at one of these hotels. If you are staying at a hotel without dispensers, you can be an environmental advocate as well and spread the word to the hotel management about how the little bottle amenity programs continue to impact our environment.


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