Removing eggs from a site affected by cattle woman kneeling in rocky sand pit digging up turtle eggs and placing them in plastic bins filled with sand dispenser amenities

Dispenser Amenities Supports Spiny Softshell Turtle Conservation

The Head Office of Dispenser Amenities is located in London, Canada, a city of nearly 400,000 people located in Southwestern Ontario, about half way between Toronto and Detroit.  And like the London on the other side of the Ocean, our London has lots of names borrowed from them, like Oxford Street, Piccadilly Street, Hyde Park and the Thames River.  Our river is an eco-system onto itself with a variety of fish and reptiles that call our Thames River home.

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three soap dispensers in metal holder solera logo grey background dispenser amenities

Introducing SOLera Dispensers

When it comes to hospitality trends, two things that never go out of style are simplicity and function. By offering these in a contemporary, 21st century design, while cutting down on waste, hoteliers can both satisfy and impress any guest that comes through their doors. Dispenser Amenities’ SOLera Dispenser is the perfect choice for any establishment looking to take their rooms and waste management strategies to the next level!

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hotel with many columns and palm trees marylanza golf resort hotel dispenser amenities

Customer Feature: Marylanza Suites & Spa

The Marylanza Suites & Spa, on the beautiful island of Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands, doesn’t have to work too hard to achieve a tropical atmosphere. Close to beaches, shopping centres, and high-end restaurants, the Marylanza is in the perfect location for an amazing vacation. This is why they’ve worked extra hard to create a sustainable resort that helps preserve the beautiful lifestyle for future generations of islanders and tourists.

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man and little girl in life jacket smiling at camera dispenser amenities

Hadleigh Osborne

Dispenser Amenities is delighted to introduce our new Sales Manager, EMEA, Mr. Hadleigh Osborne. He will be looking after all Sales and Customer Relationship functions in the vibrant territory encompassing Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Hadleigh brings with him a broad spectrum of education and work experience in the Hotel and Hospitality industry and he will add a tremendous breadth of knowledge to our global team.

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close up picture of bird with red eyes and pointy brown feather on its head dispenser amenities

Bird of the Quarter: The Hoatzin

If you paddle down the Amazon River through the rainforests of South America, an intense… stench might waft by your canoe. Don’t jump to conclusions, because it might not be industrial pollution, dumped waste, or decomposing living material. It’s probably the smell of the hoatzin welcoming you to the jungle.

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