Norwegian Cruise Line conditioning shampoo and body wash dispensers on transparent background dispenser amenities

NCL goes BIG with the Norwegian Escape and Personalizes AVIVA Shower Dispensers for their Entire Fleet!

Norwegian Cruise Lines’ newest and most innovate ship, the Norwegian Escape, launched in the fall of 2015 and is currently the largest in the fleet, with 19 decks and a guest capacity of 4248. Norwegian Escape is the third largest cruise ship on the planet.

Dispenser Amenities has a long and proud relationship with Norwegian Cruise Line. We provide every stateroom of NCL’s entire fleet of 14 vessels with our locking AVIVA Dispensers 14 vessels, eliminating the product and packaging waste associated with individually packaged amenities.

When we introduced our customization options to Norwegian Cruise Lines, they were delighted and said it would become a must-have for all amenity Dispensers throughout their entire fleet. Today, beautifully custom-labelled AVIVA two-chambered Dispensers provide guests with easy- to- read push-button selection of shower liquids, while an AVIVA one-chambered Dispenser for hand soap complements the elegantly appointed vanity.

Norwegian Cruise Dispensers
Find brand new, customized Dispensers for both the shower and vanity on Norwegian cruise ships.

The Norwegian Escape is the first of the upcoming ‘Breakaway Plus’ class of ships and a home run for Norwegian. She will soon be joined by three sisters, the first of which is destined for the Asian Cruise Market in 2017.

A Plastic Ocean Film 2016 how can we heal a plastic ocean plastic pollution coalition whale diving for plastic bottle dispenser amenities

How can we HEAL A PLASTIC OCEAN? – Film Trailer

An extraordinary new adventure documentary that illuminates our human impact on oceans and our food chain due to plastic pollution.

The film has been four years in the making, and as shooting wraps, its producers are looking for a major global distributor so that as many people on the planet as possible will have the opportunity to see A PLASTIC OCEAN.

Please visit/support the Plastic Pollution Coalition and share this film trailer with as many people as you can!

[youtube width=”550″ height=”400″][/youtube]

Dispenser Fur Babies cat and dog lying on pet bed dispenser amenities

Introducing Dispenser Amenities New Office Members

Dispenser Amenities is proud to introduce two new office members. Tucker, our Ragdoll Kitten, arrived in June, 2015, at 8 weeks of age. Followed quickly by Spencer, our Havanese puppy, at the end of July. They quickly fell in love with each other, and their new positions as office greeters!!! They enrich all of our lives daily with their antics!!! But more importantly every person leaving our office leaves with a smile!!!   

Office Pets
Tucker, our Ragdoll kitten, and Spencer, our Havanese puppy

The Environmental Impact of K-Cups, and the Solution

There are two things that we want: to leave a clean and beautiful planet for our children, and our morning cup of coffee. Recently, these two desires have come into conflict thanks to the rise of single-serving coffee pods. These pods make it easy to brew a morning cup of coffee, but contribute an alarming amount of trash to the environment. As these pods become more commonplace, stories arise of trash bins filled to the brim with thousands of pods waiting to be carted to the local landfill.

The waste is so monumental that recent estimates of 2014 sales numbers show that if you stacked the cups end to end, there would be enough to circle the earth 10.5 times. If you want another way to put this into perspective: that is enough thrown away in one year to give Saturn a new ring consisting of nothing but K-cups. This is obviously not sustainable, but what is the solution?

The Problems with Recycling

Technically, branded K-cups are recyclable, but first the consumer must separate the filter, grounds and cup. Only then can they be recycled at rare and specific recycling centres capable of processing composite #7 plastic. In an ideal world, everybody would be willing to take the extra time to separate these components and sort them appropriately. However, most of us lead very busy lives, and adding this extra step to our morning routine is not reasonable or commonplace.

Even if you do take the time to separate the components, most recycling centers are not designed with such small items in mind. So many times, even consumers’ best intentions are for naught as the carefully dismantled and sorted pods are dumped into the waste stream. In the meantime, we are producing single-serve coffee cups faster than they can possibly be recycled. Demand is only going to increase, and this means more cups going into landfills.



Give up Single-Serve?

Some people have resolved to give up single-serve coffee entirely. What is forgotten is that the single-serve method is a very efficient means of brewing small amounts of coffee. Admittedly, it is harder to picture the amount of water that gets wasted with traditional brewing methods than it is to picture plastic cups circling the globe, but water waste is a very real issue, and single-serve brewing does save in that regard. We need a single-serve brewing method that combines the water-saving aspect of single-serve coffee while eliminating the associated plastic waste.

To meet this challenge, a company called “Club Coffee,” located in Toronto, Canada, has displayed some remarkable innovation. They have found a solution to the single-serve problem that is both practical and truly sustainable: a one hundred percent compostable, single-serve coffee cup that promises to deliver convenience without the waste!  The entire cup can be composted as one unit, without having to dismantle it.  This allows you to toss the cup and filter out with the coffee grounds — a real time saver! This removes these convenience items from the waste stream and creates a solution for single-serve coffee packaging. Club Coffee’s products and their facility, in fact, meet all the stringent requirements required for Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade and Kosher certifications.  This Canadian company is truly an eco-friendly innovator! 

Sonesta Hotels Partner with Dispenser Amenities

The Sonesta Collection is a global luxury hotel brand with more than 55 locations in 8 countries including The Sonesta Cruise Collection, a fleet of luxury river ships.

Sonesta also took advantage of the growing ‘Extended Stay’ segment and aggressively launched Sonesta ES Suites in 17 markets with the conversion of 15 Staybridge Suites and two Residence Inn locations. ’Extended Stays’ provide more space and versatility for business travellers, vacationing families and guests relocating for an extended period of time. The segment has a higher occupancy rate than the rest of the industry.

Pogessi Sonesta Dispenser
Sonesta Poggesi Dispenser

Sonesta has an overall green policy that embraces environmentally responsible initiatives wherever possible.  With this in mind, in 2013 Sonesta began transitioning all their Royal Sonesta Hotels and Sonesta Hotels in North America away from little bottled amenities to in-shower Dispenser Amenities systems to eliminate the product and plastic waste associated with single serving amenities.

Fresh on the heels of the success of the Dispenser program in both the Royal and Sonesta Hotels, Mike Wohl, Vice President Operations Sonesta ES (Extended Stay) brand made the decision to also implement the Dispenser Amenities program throughout the entire newly-launched ‘Extended Stay’ brand.  The Extended Stays have lower operating costs because, for example, they do not require daily housekeeping for all rooms.  This makes Dispenser Amenities the perfect delivery system for amenity liquids. A weekly top-up to the liquids is all that is needed!

Extended Stay Sonesta Dispenser
Sonesta Extended Stay Dispenser

Today Dispenser Amenities systems grace the showers of over 6,700 guestrooms of Royal Sonesta Hotels, Sonesta Hotels & Resorts and Sonesta ES Suites. Sonesta’s guests are pampered with an easy to read, easy to use push-button selection of liquids with AVIVA Dispensers that have been beautifully customized to match Sonesta’s liquid brand.

Sonesta is not alone in realizing the enormous benefits of eliminating the small amenity bottles which add to worldwide plastic pollution.  Major hotel brands, cruise lines, spas and clubs are providing amenity liquids in attractive, easy to use dispensers and ensuring a more sustainable future today!

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