and soap dispenser mounted on wall above sink dispenser amenities

Introducing iQon™ The World’s Most Beautiful Dispenser.

May we present iQon, the newest Dispenser design family from Dispenser Amenities.  Created to appeal to the world’s most discerning Hotels and their Guests, iQon raises the bar on good looks in a single or multi-chamber Dispenser system that surpasses all competition.

Strikingly Attractive
From the very beginning, we set out to make iQon a design of distinct beauty.  Our first concept drawings set us in a direction of a fine fragrance bottle, a look that the privileged hotel guest would appreciate.  We have used bold, elegant lines, strong shapes, heavier materials and superior finishes to craft a Guest Shower Dispenser that truly is an upgrade, in every respect.  Plus the beautiful bottle has a larger 12.5 ounce (375 ml) capacity.

Perfectly proportioned and finely crafted, iQon will enhance the Guest shower experience in fine Hotels throughout the world, that care about the Environment and want to reduce the waste created by small-bottle amenity programs.

Designed to be Beautifully and Easily Personalized
Superior shower experiences are created by offering superior shower liquids.  iQon provides the ultimate ability to present your liquid brand on an attractive, easy-to-read, personalized label that slides into a protected clear sleeve.  We’ll help you create the artwork to make your Dispensers and your presentation truly unique. Never again will hotel guests need to put on their glasses to read the tiny names on little bottles.  Never again with they have to battle slippery bottles, messy caps and liquids that won’t come out.  iQon provides the ultimate in easy push-button convenience providing exactly the right amount, every time, in a completely waste-free experience.  Exquisite.

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain and Totally Reliable
Like every Dispenser Amenities Dispenser, iQon installs in minutes with no special tools and no wall damage.  The special Installation Kit contains strong, durable silicone adhesive for an easy, permanent installation.  There is no requirement for daily upkeep, like cleaning up and restocking a small bottle amenity program, so it saves housekeeping time on every occupied room, every day.  iQon uses the patented Dispenser Amenities pump and valve system that is guaranteed for life, the ultimate promise of superior quality and long-term performance.

Time to Upgrade Your Guest Shower Amenity Offering
In survey after survey, Guests overwhelmingly approve of the Dispenser Amenities systems.  No more little bottles and no more waste.  Guests understand the waste issue.  They know that plastic bottles have become an Environmental disaster.  When you install beautiful iQon Dispensers in your Guest Showers, you immediately see the savings.  Buying superior liquids in Bulk sizes saves money instantly, not to mention that you only pay for what your Guests use…not for the liquids that are thrown away in little bottles, day after day.  With iQon, you enhance your Guest’s experience with a truly beautiful Dispenser system, you reduce your costs and you eliminate waste.  Better for everybody.  Better for the Environment.

Choose the Perfect iQon for Your Property
iQon is available in one, two, and three chamber sizes in your choice of Satin Silver, Chrome or White finish.  Then customize and personalize your selection with a striking label design that’s uniquely your signature. Now that’s perfection.  For those who have come to expect the best, now there is a new iQon.

wildwood snowmass dispensers connected by metal rack with snowy mountains in background dispenser amenities

Wildwood Snowmass opens with custom AVIVA Dispensers

Dispenser Amenities is so proud to have our hand in the Wildwood Snowmass hotel launch!  This trendy new facility certainly exhibits some of the finest building design Starwood has to offer.  When contacted about supplying Wildwood with our eco-friendly AVIVA Dispensers, we were overjoyed to be a part of such a prestigious opening.

Snowmass, Colorado, located very close to Aspen, Colorado, is one of the top skiing destinations in the world.  Boasting the second most vertical feet of all ski runs in the U.S.A. and fifth most in North America, it is a great spot for a family vacation or extreme skiing. 

Wildwood Snowmass is put together with a fantastic design.  The interior has a very modern feel to it, with bright block colors and contemporary artwork.  They have designed some of the most beautiful guest bathrooms I’ve ever seen, by making use of bright primary colors and bold simplicity.  The hotel is very flashy and certainly appealing to its market of trendy young skiers.  It has several common areas to accommodate large groups in need of entertainment.  There are many options to have some fun, in between ski runs, including the Living Lounge,  Living Room, Bar, Communal Canteen, and during the summer a pool and SnackShack.  Another interesting feature worth noting, is the hidden bathroom accessible through a door hidden behind a wall of fake bookshelves. 

Our proud contribution to the location is the elegant two-chambered, customized, AVIVA II with basket Dispensers you will find in each of their 152 guest bathrooms.  These units are unique among Starwood properties because Wildwood has customized its units to fit into their niche market, distinguishing them from any other Dispenser Amenities’ products that are used in other Starwood properties like Four Points by Sheraton, Aloft, and Element brands.

each item shown here will be used only once or twice but will likely outlive your grand children as pollution disposable containers dispenser amenities

News from the World Wide Effort to End Plastic Pollution

Why is this important?
The biggest problem associated with plastic is that it is very easy to produce, but very hard to break down.  The most protested plastic items are those that are used only to store another item for a short time before beginning a long life on its own as pollution: Bags, bottles, and wrappers.  It has been estimated that approximately 10% of discarded plastic ends up in the ocean (Greenpeace 2010), most of which ends up in the 5 Gyres.  The 5 Gyres are enormous floating garbage patches in the Ocean that are responsible for the death of thousands of marine creatures every year.  The Gyres also churn the discarded plastic into a liquid “soup” that enters the food chain as it is consumed by various animals and in some cases is, in turn, consumed by humans in seafood.


 What is being done to stop this?
There are so many projects going on right now to combat this issue that it is hard to keep up with everything: 

The Plastic Pollution Coalition has taken on the mission to “end global dependence on disposable plastic” through the use of various tactics.  This mission has gone viral as has made many significant achievements towards their goal: is the official store of the Plastic Pollution Coalition.  This is the perfect place to find solutions for all your plastic vices, from stainless steel straws and lunch boxes to the Green Garmento and the plastic free instruction booklet.

Plastic Free Campuses is a program to help reduce waste from educational faculties around the world.  With now over 120 participating campuses, the program has really taken off to make a big impact.

Corporate participation is one of the keys to the success of the Plastic Pollution Coalition.  Dispenser Amenities included, the organization has a very long list of corporate sponsors and celebrity endorsements/speakers.

5 Gyres is a team of Marine Scientists, researchers, writers, and speakers who are dedicated to communicating the impact of plastic pollution on the world’s oceans.  They regularly sail through the Five Gyres collecting samples and data for their research which they then share with the world.  They have also hosted many publicity events to raise awareness about the plastic pollution problem.  For example, their Waste to Waves exhibit where a team from 5 Gyres sailed over 2600 miles across the North Pacific Gyre on a JUNKcraft built from plastic bottles they collected from the ocean.

Sustainable Travel International is a “Global non-profit and thought leader in sustainable tourism”.  They are not solely focused on the reduction of plastic pollution alone, but instead are helping to reduce all forms of pollution associated with tourism and travel by working with businesses and destinations to help reduce their carbon footprint. 

They are currently displaying Dispenser Amenities’ partner, eco-tourism giant – Royal Caribbean Criuses Ltd. as their featured sustainability partnership on their website.

What can I do to help?
If you are currently using refillable dispensers in your hospitality location, then you have taken at least one step towards eliminating the waste of small plastic amenity bottles.  Supporting any of the organizations mentioned in this article will certainly be helping to make a difference as well.  Also, when going about your daily routine, it’s always best to stay mindful of wasted plastic.  For some great tips on how to live without plastic check out

andrew davis international sales manager at dispenser amenities

Introducing Andrew Davis, International Sales Manager

We are very proud to introduce Andrew Davis, our new International Sales Manager.  Andrew has just started at Dispenser Amenities and comes from a sales background with over 20 years’ experience doing both tradeshows and face-to-face presentations.

With a sales history dating back to the early 90s, Andrew is the perfect fit for the job.  He is eager and willing to meet everybody, having already reached out to many account holders.  Those of you who were at the International Hotel/Motel Restaurant Show November 11 to 13, 2012 in New York City, might have met Andrew already when he made his hospitality tradeshow debut: 

“I am pleased that we had a great turnout despite the disaster caused by hurricane Sandy.  Unfortunately, since some of the vendors had their booths ruined in the storm, there were not as many exhibitors as I was told to expect.  I am looking forward to working with Dispenser Amenities’ customers as we work together to develop more cost-effective amenity programs with the important added benefit of eliminating plastic bottle waste.”

If you missed Andrew at this show, don’t worry.  It was only the first of many opportunities to meet him.  Andrew will be at the Marine Hotel Association Show this coming April and will also be the key point of contact for all major sales including the handling of all of the Starwood and Best Western accounts.  Please feel free to contact Andrew and say hello by email and by phone (800)-639-4756.  Also, you can connect socially with Andrew on LinkedIN Andrew Davis, or Twitter @AndrewDavis66.

Equip Hotel show Paris dispenser amenities booth

The World’s Greatest Hotel Show, Equip’Hotel in Paris

This is completely insane.  There are two major Hotel Shows in the World and on Sunday, November 11, 2012, these shows both opened, on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  In New York, the International Hotel Show had just been blasted by Hurricane Sandy.  There were exhibitors who had lost their complete exhibits to the storm and there were empty stalls along the aisles, but ‘the show must go on’, and so it did, battered as it was.

But across the pond in Paris, Equip’Hotel began its five-day, long-day run in stunning style.  Equip’Hotel does many things right.  For one thing, it occurs only every second year…not annually, like New York.  That makes every edition bigger, better, more anticipated and an absolutely necessary place to be, for every serious exhibitor and every hotelier on the continent.

For those familiar with European Trade Shows, it will come as no surprise that Equip’Hotel is a much bigger show than New York and its steadily decreasing floor-space.  There are four pavilions in Paris, each of which is dramatically larger than the entire North American Show.  But size isn’t everything!  The real advantage of Equip’Hotel is the truly amazing investment made by major exhibitors.  Stand construction reaches spectacular heights, both literally and figuratively!  Several firms spend well over a million Euros in the building and outfitting of their stands, absolutely exceptional presentations that simply wouldn’t be possible if the event was a yearly one.  It’s not unusual for these companies to have a staff of thirty or more in attendance, complete kitchens and food service…and, of course, French champagne and wine flowing throughout the Show. 

While Dispenser Amenities is not the size of these major European players, we rely now on Equip’Hotel to deliver interested prospects, not just from France and the rest of Europe but from countries throughout the Hotel World.  Hoteliers and Distributors from Asia and Africa are prevalent and they use the Show to make connections with manufacturers and producers who lead the world in design for the Hotel industry.  You see so much innovation at Equip’Hotel, it is virtually an endless variety of “new” and “wow” hotel products.

Our introduction of iQon Dispensers created “wow” at our stand, too.  Its classy elegance caught the attention of scores of prospects who are searching for beautiful ways to reduce waste, while providing exceptional guest experiences.  Green hotel operation is becoming a prime focus around the world.  It has become ‘mainstream’ and is no longer an exception for Hotels to want more environmentally helpful ways of operating, especially when it makes economic sense like our Dispenser Amenities systems.  

Everyone who manages a hotel, anywhere on earth needs to visit Equip’Hotel.  To end the coincidental dates and the craziness of that approach, New York needs to change to a bi-annual show too, on the opposite years of Paris.  Then every exhibitor and every hotelier will have the benefit of a better, bigger and much more dynamic Hotel Show experience.  This is one situation where ‘less’ will certainly mean ‘more’!  Everybody will win, on both sides of the pond!

By Ian Wallace

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