Here’s a Hotelier who really “gets it” when it comes to Dispensers!

By Ian Wallace

Glenn Hasek of Green Lodging News recently ran an article about Ben Bethel, owner of The Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ben’s passion on the issue of small plastic bottle waste comes through loud and clear, as he states that by changing to amenity dispensers, his property has reduced trash volume by six dumpsters per year!  When you consider that this plastic bottle waste is costly to manufacture, costly to transport and costly to dispose of, he is saving on his bottom line as well as saving the environment.  When he purchases liquids in bulk rather than little bottles, the savings are considerable.

Following is a quote from Glenn’s article.

“Perhaps no other topic gets Bethel going more than the amenity dispensers versus the little plastic bottles. He says amenity dispensers reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries from bottles and caps laying around on tub/shower floors.  He adds that they also reduce the amount of time housekeepers have to spend bent over, cleaning shampoo and other liquid spills.  Bethel advocates the total elimination of individual plastic amenity bottles…even if it takes a legislative act to outlaw them!”

We couldn’t agree more!  Ben “gets it”!

Dispenser Amenities Launches The Eco-Travelers Campaign

In an effort to better communicate what we are all about, Dispenser Amenities is launching the Eco-Travelers media campaign.  This campaign will be focusing on sharing our values with the world, on a more personal level.  We have launched a new Facebook page called Dispenser Amenities: The Eco-Travelers Club where we will be holding fun contests, contributing to charity, sharing our travel stories, and encouraging others to share theirs.  We will also focus on making the world more aware of the devastating effects of plastic pollution, in particular, as well as all other forms of pollution.  We are looking to communicate with others who share with us the idea that we must preserve the environment at all costs!  We have also launched our Pinterest page to show the world our story including our causes, our business partners, and our ideas, in a more fun a visual way.  Follow us on Twitter @Disp_Amenities for quick updates about what we are doing.  Our monthly contests will be starting on Facebook in March and we will be giving away Dispenser products every month, as a well as a grand prize of $500 cash!!!!  For every member that enters we will be donating $1 to the Plastic Pollution Coalition and once you join, you will be automatically entered in our monthly Dispenser draw and you will also be given the opportunity to enter each of our grand prizes contests.  Come enter our contest to win yourself a dispenser and $500, then stay with us for the next grand prize contest coming soon. 


(The above photo shows our Dispenser Amenities “birding” team on the Pacific coast south of Lima, Peru in January 2012.)

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