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Home2 Suites by Hilton Frisco Receives the Connie Award – Honored as the Year’s Top Home2 Performer

Dispenser Amenities is very pleased to add another award-winning hotel to our portfolio!  Our customer, Home2Suites Frisco, was recognized with The 2013 Connie Award.  This award signifies the top tier of prestige bestowed upon hotels.  The Connie Award, named after Hilton Worldwide’s founder Conrad Hilton, is awarded to top hotels that lead the brand in quality assurance, brand standards, and customer satisfaction.

Home2Suites Frisco is a contemporary property that features vibrant colors and modern furniture throughout.  It is pet-friendly, and boasts free wifi, cooking and work spaces in all suites, as well as the innovative Home2Cycle where you can multi-task by exercising and doing laundry at the same time!

Our journey with the Home2 Suites by Hilton brand began in 2007 when they began testing our WAVE Dispensers in select locations.  As time went by, they began to love our products more and more, eventually making the decision to implement the program in every Home2Suites by Hilton location worldwide.

In 2011, Home2 Suites approached us with a new idea.  Their guests were just ecstatic over the Neutrogena liquid brand that Home2Suites had been supplying through our WAVE Dispensers.  WAVE-Custom-Home2With this in mind, they made the decision to move forward in branding our WAVE Dispensers with the Neutrogena label.  This turned out to be a tremendous success!  Home2Suites has received great feedback regarding the newly branded WAVE Dispensers.  Happy guests have been showing their satisfaction through direct praise, increased business, and online reviews.  Diana D, from Binghamton, New York left the following review on TripAdvisor:

The colors are a bit bright, but not off putting in the least. Neutrogena shampoo dispenser and body wash dispenser on the wall of the shower – incredibly convenient.

Dispenser Amenities partnered with the Home2Suites by Hilton Frisco location in August, 2012 when the hotel installed custom Home2Suites WAVE Dispensers in all of their guest rooms.  This special unit is one of our most beautiful, complementing the signature contemporary décor of Home2Suites Frisco.  The Home2Suites WAVE Dispenser is available exclusively to Home2Suites locations.

The privilege of providing this excellent product to every Home2 Suites on the planet is a pleasing thought.  We would like to extend our congratulations to the Frisco location for their recent recognition, and we wish to thank the entire brand for including Dispenser Amenities in the excellent service that they provide to their customers!

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Dispenser Amenities partners with Global Soap Project. Two organizations with aligned missions

Every day, hotels in North American dispose of approximately 2.6 million hardly-used bars of soap to landfills.  These same landfills are bursting with millions of partly-used plastic bottles of shower liquids, fellow casualties of the waste associated with the hotel industry.

The Global Soap Project, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a non-profit organization with a mission of turning  bar soap waste into a valuable source of improved human health in under-developed countries.  Dispenser Amenities, in contrast, focuses on plastic bottle waste; with a mission to rid the industry, and the world of the billions of individual plastic bottles of shower liquids sent to landfills every year.  The new partnership between Dispenser Amenities and Global Soap Project creates the opportunity to address two sources of hotel waste.

“We know that bar soap may still be used by our customers who switch from little bottles of liquid to bulk Dispensers,” says Dispenser Amenities President, Ian Wallace.  “We want to support the Global Soap Project in two ways:  first we want to encourage every customer of ours to send their wasted bar soap to the Project.  Secondly, we pledge to provide financial support based on every new property bigger than 100 rooms who becomes our customer. With this support, we will help the Project defray their costs.  It costs $4 per person to provide soap and education for one year.”

GSP_PlantThe Global Soap Project began operations five years ago, in 2009.  In 2013, they collected 250,000 pounds of soap from over 1,300 hotels.  This bar soap waste was recycled into 1 million bars of soap and distributed to 140,000 people in 32 countries.  This year, they plan to make over 1.5 million bars of soap in North America.  Sam Stephens, Executive Director of Global Soap Project states that the growing demand for soap in under- developed countries has surpassed the Project’s supply of bar soap waste. “Unfortunately,” says Sam Stephens, “we have to say ‘no’ to far more requests than we are able to say ‘yes’ to.  We have the capacity to recycle far more soap that we receive, so more hotels coming into our system is crucial to our ability to serve the huge need for soap. We are stacked with orders through 2015.”

The soap recycling process is simple. Small bars of soap received from hotels are sorted by color and content before being pulverised into powder and cleaned.  After the powder has been thoroughly sanitized, it is compressed and extruded into long “loaves” of new soap. The loaves are then cut into 4 ounce bars, packed 120 bars to a carton, 50 cartons to a pallet and shipped in 20 foot containers which hold 160,000 bars of soap.

The Global Soap Project works with NGO’s throughout the developing world, as well as North American organizations such as the Centre for Disease Control, Care and the United Nations. With the help of these organizations, Global Soap Project sends soap to more than 30 countries each year, half of which are located in Africa, the rest spread throughout Asia, and Central and South America. 

GSP_Plant_Reprocessing_MachineIn the under-developed world, lack of hygiene has become an epidemic. Children are dying every day simply because they are not able to wash their hands with soap.  It is estimated that 2.4 million children die each year from preventable diseases.  Daily washing with soap reduces the risk of death from pneumonia or diarrhea by an astonishing 47%, virtually doubling their chance of survival.  In addition to putting a bar of soap in the family’s hands, the project also works to educate people about the importance of hand washing, and to change their behavior to ensure that everyone washes every day.

Like Dispenser Amenities, Global Soap Project is internationally focused with a partner organization in Hong Kong called Soap Cycling, and their newest partner, Global Soap Project-Europe, opening this year in Rome.  Each location has a “factory” that accepts bar soap waste and recycles it into the valuable human health resource that is in such high demand.

“We are proud to be working with this fine organization and delighted to be ‘giving back’ just as our hotel customers do,” says Ian Wallace.  “There could be no higher purpose for hotel waste than saving lives around the world.”

springmaid beach resort myrtle beach s.c. shampoo conditioner and shower gel dispensers dispenser amenities

The Springmaid Beach Resort and Conference Center Wins Our Custom Label Contest from December, 2013

The Springmaid Beach Resort and Conference Center is now the official owner of the most beautiful shower Dispensers in the world!  After winning the contest and receiving the congratulatory gift basket, we had a wonderful call from Barbara Wilson, Executive Housekeeper.  She thanked us for the basket mentioning that it was a really nice surprise.  When we asked her how the custom AVIVA Dispensers were working out for her, she said: “They are the best thing that we could have ever come up with!  The guests love them so much that on many occasions they want to buy them from the hotel to use in their homes!”

With nearly 500 newly renovated ocean view rooms with private balconies, 1/4 mile of spacious white sandy Atlantic Ocean beachfront, the popular Springmaid Pier, and a luxurious fitness center, the Springmaid Beach Resort and Conference Center has all the features of a perfect resort.

This resort has come a very long way from its grand opening in 1948 where it featured concrete beds and shared facilities.  Guest’s brought their own amenities and were charged a fee of $2 per night for a room or $1 a night for a bed!  The pier has a very colorful history having been destroyed and rebuilt several times one of which even involved being struck by an aircraft!  It currently stands 1068’ long; the longest in the Myrtle Beach area. 

The Springmaid Beach Resort and Conference Center today features a completely reinvented property with 70 unique eco-initiatives and environmentally friendly measures in place including energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, environmentally safe cleaning, reduction of waste, ongoing maintenance, purchasing habits, plus many other factors. They have worked tirelessly to provide the perfect balance between a luxury travel destination and an ecologically responsible company.

In 2007, Springmaid Beach partnered with Dispenser Amenities to install custom AVIVA III White Translucent Dispensers throughout the property.  This alternative to using disposable bottles for their shower liquids in their combined total of over 450 rooms is preventing approximately 350,000 disposable plastic bottles from reaching landfills every year!

Many tourists from different part of the worlds have praised the view and features of the resort including the shower Dispenser. Here’s a review of the Springmaid Beach Resort on Tripadvisor:

The rooms were neat & clean. They appeared to be freshly painted. Nice linens. My husband got a kick out of the “dispenser” in the shower that held shampoo, conditioner & shower gel. No more struggle with tiny bottles & soap bars. NICE!

We would like to thank the Springmaid Beach and Conference Center for choosing us so many years ago and working with us to create this beautiful product.  They are a loyal customer to this day.

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Introducing Dispenser Amenities’ Global Customer Profiles

In every part of the world, from the middle of the Panamanian jungle, to the center of New York City, to our hometown of London, Ontario, you can find like-minded hospitality providers who are dedicated to a brighter future for us all.  Through our sustainable amenities systems, along with countless other strategies, these Leaders in the War on Waste are diligently working to ensure the elimination of plastic pollution from their properties as well as the reduction of their carbon footprint. 

From this point forward, every month we will be creating a 10-page booklet detailing some of our customers with details such as: What they think of our product; what their guests think of our product; what we estimate they are able to prevent in waste, and several other cool details unique to each property.  Here is our first edition: Dispenser Amenities Global Customer Profiles.

In a newly released Timetric report, global trends for the hotel industry showed environmental initiatives to be the most noticeable emerging trend in 2013.  Technology followed, with social media trailing, while health and wellness gained a fair amount of attention too.  The use of eco-friendly cleaning products, an emphasis on locally-sourced food, and the reduction of energy consumption were considered key sustainability measures by respondents.

This new-found focus on environmental initiatives is very exciting news for us here at Dispenser Amenities.  We have been partnering with responsible providers in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and along with our partners have realized that going green is not only good for the environment but also good for business!  With so many consumers now deeply concerned about the environment we have been flooded with new business.  By using environmentally friendly products, the long-term value of hospitality establishments increases.  Many of our customers can immediately notice the profits of reduced waste and the marketing value of the green initiatives being recognized by a steadily increasing customer awareness/concern for the environment in their revenues.

From Springmaid Beach to Holland America Princess, a Select Few of Our Favorite Swans Make this 4500 Mile Journey Twice a Year!

Spring is officially here, or is it?  As avid birders, the Dispenser Amenities team has been patiently waiting for a sight of the annual Tundra Swan migration.  After a long, cold winter that, only now, seems to be dragging a little into spring, we have yet to witness the first flock of swans; the long anticipated signal that this tortured winter has finally ended.

The Eastern Tundra Swan species usually make their winter homes in Virginia and North Carolina. However, a small number of the most enthusiastic swans, have made a permanent winter home in South Carolina all thanks to the 1970’s effort of land owner, Allen Spaulding to attract them further south.  South Carolina has since become a vacation hot spot for swans who spend the majority of their stay there sleeping afloat the water or using their long, graceful necks to graze on underwater plants and shellfish.

The Tundra Swan is a giant in the feathered kingdom, on average, weighing 16 pounds, with a wingspan of 5.5 feet, measuring an impressive 4.3 feet from beak to tail.  The largest male swans can grow to be significantly bigger with a maximum body weight of a whopping 23 pounds.  Swans tend to choose their life mates when they are two to three years old and will remain together for another year or two before breeding.  Perhaps one of the most impressive traits of this elegant animal is the celebration dance that they perform as a couple after courtship is completed.

Every year, come spring, it becomes time for the Tundra Swan’s long journey to the northwest.  They cross a distance of approximately 4000 miles by flying in Swansnighttime marathons.  They are pretty hard to miss if you are listening.  Formerly known as the “whistling swan”, the leader of the flock will regularly voice a loud “who-who” sound which will be immediately chorused by the rest and can be heard up to 3.5 miles away.

Their journey north begins with a “staging” gathering in East Pennsylvania.  At the “staging”, Swans gather together to eat, and prepare for the long journey.  From there, they head straight to the southern Great Lakes for a stopover near our neighborhood of London, Ontario. This is where we will be waiting for them, cameras in hand.  Each March, approximately 15 percent of the Eastern Tundra Swan’s global population stop at a pond adjacent to the police station of our neighboring town, Aylmer, Ontario.

After their rest stop in southern Ontario, this gaggle of Tundra Swans head northwest, some through the prairies of Saskatchewan, others directly north along the Manitoba/Ontario border depending on which northern breeding ground they prefer.  A select few swans remain in northern Ontario, but most head much farther north into the Arctic Circle.  Whether they choose Alaska, or the Yukon as their Arctic breeding grounds, they will likely be within a short drive of one of our many Holland America Princess customers.  Many bird photographers gather in Anchorage, Alaska to snap a picture of the Tundra Swan’s arrival.  We are sure our friends at Westmark Anchorage Alaska enjoy the sight as well as the extra travelers in the area!

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