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ben_bethel Ben Bethel
Hotel Owner

Bethel advocates the total elimination of individual plastic amenity bottles…even if it takes a legislative act to outlaw them!


Soft curves, elegant lines, luxury with timeless quality.

Our tamper-proof AVIVA soap dispenser helps you create a dramatic new look for your Shower Amenity Program. The exclusivity of AVIVA™ is available in an array of finishes, and can be customized to fit your brand!

 AVIVA! Easy to use! Easy to Install! Guests love it!

Download AVIVA Brochure

Download AVIVA Satin Silver Brochure

Download AVIVA Measurements

  • 12_order_10
  • 12_order_10
  • THUMB1
  • BSK-Aviva-Thumb
  • AVIVA-I-Chrome3
  • ChromeWet1
  • Chrome-Wet
  • Chrome2

    Choose Your Finish

  • Solid White

    finish-img3 Solid-White1
  • Vanilla

    finish-img22 Vanilla1
  • Satin Silver

    finish-img31 Satin-Side1
  • Chrome

    finish-img5 Chrome4
  • AVIVA-I-lifestyle11AVIVA-satin1AVIVA-I-White21AVIVA-I-Vanilla1AVIVA-I-Chrome2
  • SolidWhiteSatin2Satin1ChromeChromeWetSatinWetSolidChromeWhiteWet12_order_10
  • Solid-ChromeSatin-SideSatin-StraightSatin-TopChrome1Chrome-Wet1VanillaSolid-VanillaSolid-White12_order_10
  • Tiles12_order_1012_order_1012_order_10

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    Be A Green Leader

    Over 10 Billion Plastic Hotel Bottles are disposed of each year. Help our Environment today!

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