AVIVA Gallery

AVIVA Shower Dispensers are the best selling brand of locking soap dispensers in the world for hotel commercial use!  They save money and reduce waste.  By delivering the exact amount of liquid that a guest requires, the name AVIVA has become synonymous with efficiency!  These luxurious dispensers are used not only in hotels, but in cruise lines, spas, and other businesses that ‘get it’ when it comes to reducing waste.  Just click on any image below to go to our products page and order these beautiful dispensers for your hotel or business.
locking-hotel-shower-soap-dispenser-aviva-2-satin-silver-with-basket locking-hotel-shower-soap-dispenser-aviva-solid-white locking-hotel-shower-soap-dispenser-aviva-chrome-translucent  locking-hotel-shower-soap-dispenser-aviva-1-satin-silver-translucent
AVIVA II Dispenser Satin Silver with Basket AVIVA I Dispenser Solid White

AVIVA I Dispenser Chrome Translucent

AVIVA I Dispenser Satin Silver Translucent
 locking-hotel-shower-soap-dispenser-aviva-3-solid-chrome  locking-hotel-shower-soap-dispenser-aviva-II-white-translucent  locking-hotel-shower-soap-dispenser-aviva-2-vanilla  locking-hotel-shower-soap-dispenser-aviva-3-customized
AVIVA III Dispenser Chrome with Satin Silver AVIVA II Dispenser White Translucent  AVIVA II Dispenser Vanilla Custom AVIVA III Dispenser
 custom-bud-light-soap-dispenser-for-superbowl  locking-hotel-shower-soap-dispenser-aviva-custom-four-points  locking-hotel-shower-soap-dispenser-aviva-custom-aloft  locking-cruise-line-shower-soap-dispenser-aviva-1-custom-royal-caribbean
AVIVA II Dispenser with Basket Customized for the Superbowl Custom Built AVIVA III Dispenser designed for Four Points by Sheraton AVIVA II with Basket Dispenser and Customized Aloft Faceplates  AVIVA I Dispenser with Customized Royal Caribbean FacePlate